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Pet Living Expert Kristen Levine Shares the Top Gifts for Pets During the Holidays on TipsOnTV

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One of the Nation’s Top Pet Experts Shares the Secrets for Making Pets Safe and Happy for the Holidays

As the author of Pampered Pets on a Budget, Kristen Levine has been striving to make the world a better place for pets for more than 25 years. Levine shares her favorite pet gifts for pet parents who want the best for the four-legged members in their family. 


PetSmart is THE one-stop holiday destination. It has everything needed to celebrate the holidays with pets, all at a great price. One best-seller — advent calendars for different pet species. The cat and dog calendars have toys and treats to count down to the holidays. PetSmart also has toys under $5, including the Hanukkah dog toy, a Merry & Bright reindeer and elf cat toy, and the mistletoe wood chew. Also, for each toy purchased from the new Chance & Friends holiday collection, $1 goes to the non-profit PetSmart Charities. Visit Petsmart.com.


Ear infections, which are often displayed by pawing at the ears, are the number one reason for unplanned vet visits, especially as the weather gets colder and rainier. This holiday season, give pets the gift of health. For that, try Project Watson® Ear Wash and Ear Wipes for dogs, made with a gentle, pH-balanced solution to help support cleaning and care and to keep the ears free from dirt and debris. Regularly cleaning your dog’s ears with Project Watson Ear Wash and Ear Wipes may help reduce the risk of infection and unwanted vet visits, keeping your dog happy and healthy. Visit, www.tryprojectwatson.com.


Everyone loves their pets, but they do not always like fur sticking to their clothes all the time. For this, try Suavitel®. Designed for pet parents, Suavitel® Shed Shield is a new fabric conditioner that repels pet hair, versus detergent alone, while keeping clothes irresistibly soft and fresh. This way, pet parents can spend more time loving on their pets and less time worrying about fur mess. It really is the purrfect solution to help Saturday movie night cuddles be less stressful and more fun. Visit www.suavitel.com.


Try Ancestry, the global leader in family history, and its recently launched “Know Your Pet DNA”; it is the first dog DNA test. With “Know Your Pet DNA,” people can learn more about their dog’s breed mix, traits, and matches, all in a single at-home test kit from the DNA experts at Ancestry. It is a perfect holiday gift for dog parents curious about their “fur babies.” It is the most scientifically advanced dog DNA test on the market, offering insights into a dog’s behaviors and traits, like anxiety and noise sensitivities. Get it for under $100 at PetDNA.Ancestry.com.


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