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Cedar Communities Applauds Brookside Commerce for Winning First Place in 2023 Model Room Contest

by Ohio Digital News

In a remarkable display of creativity and dedication, Brookside Commerce, an esteemed assisted-living community in Commerce, Georgia, has won the coveted first-place title in the Cedar Communities’ highly competitive 2023 Model Room Contest.

“The Winter Wonderland-themed room at Brookside Commerce stands as a shining example of excellence and innovation. This recognition is a testament to Brookside Commerce’s commitment to providing residents with an extraordinary living experience,” says Kaydee Foster, Spokesperson for Cedar Communities.

Kaitlyn Raper, Administrator at Brookside Commerce, expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment, stating, “This award reinforces Brookside Commerce as a place where warmth, elegance, and community converge. We are dedicated to creating an exceptional living environment for our residents, and this recognition from Cedar Communities is truly an honor.”

As Cedar Communities celebrates Brookside Commerce’s triumph, they invite individuals seeking an unparalleled assisted-living experience to explore the magic of the award-winning Winter Wonderland room. Join Brookside Commerce for an exclusive tour to witness firsthand the comfort, amenities, and joy that define life in their community.

Discover what makes Brookside Commerce home for many residents. Schedule your tour today and embrace a life of distinction, comfort, and community at Brookside Commerce.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact:

Kaitlyn Raper

Brookside Commerce

199 West W Gary Road, Commerce, GA 30529




About Brookside Commerce:

Brookside Commerce, located in Commerce, Georgia, is a premier assisted-living community setting the standard for excellence. Their Winter Wonderland room, crowned first place in Cedar Communities’ 2023 Model Room Contest, reflects a commitment to providing an exceptional living environment. Explore the possibilities and make Brookside Commerce your next home, where comfort meets distinction.

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