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UK-Based Multi-Rail Payment Sensation Rvvup Poised for Rapid Growth in 2024 After Phenomenal 2023

by Ohio Digital News

Rvvup’s Multi-Rail Payments Platform, a rising star in the UK and European fintech world, is preparing up for a huge leap in 2024, riding high on a year of explosive growth in 2023. This new generation payments powerhouse has witnessed astounding 50X growth over the past six months, marking significant milestones in an exciting journey in the next phase of the payments evolution.

Throughout 2023, the London-founded fintech, bridging three distinct payment rails, exploded out of beta with a state-of-the-art platform featuring proprietary payment methods, including open banking and cards, ledger, billing as well as payment treasury capabilities. The business has been expanding rapidly, unveiling game-changing new partnerships, creating a first in a new standard of multi-rail payment solutions and fortifying a leadership position in a rapidly changing payments and fintech landscape.

With a burgeoning customer base rapidly expanding from a handful of beta customers to hundreds of rapidly growing online businesses, Rvvup took strategic steps to boost its technology stack in preparation for scale and expansion into 2024. The last 18 months have been far from smooth sailing across the fintech space, however, Rvvup has bucked the trend, navigating growth despite significant economic headwinds. With a team of seasoned payments and fintech experts hailing from companies including Braintree, PayPal, Depop Etsy, Fiserv, Virgin Money, AIB and more, with past success delivering billions of net new growth, Rvvup is strongly positioned to drive the future of payments over the next decade.

As well as launching a platform first, with all major multiple payment methods bridging all rails of payments via a single interface supported by industry-leading breadth of payment method optionality, treasury capabilities for pay-ins, instant payouts and refunds, Rvvup also released an automated, streamlined onboarding process giving merchants the ability to sign up for multiple payment methods with one fast onboarding process.

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