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Rare Sense Develops AI for Crafting High Fashion Photoshoots of Real-World Apparel

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The innovative AI technology enables fashion brands to produce high-end, unique product photoshoots at a fraction of the time and cost.

Rare Sense, a venture-backed tech company that specializes in AI, recently introduced an AI tool poised to disrupt fashion photography. This cutting-edge technology allows fashion brands to effortlessly craft high fashion photoshoots for real-world apparel and accessories using only Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Traditionally, fashion brands invest significant portions of their marketing budgets in complex photoshoots, including expenses such as models, make-up artists, locations, photographers, equipment, lighting and extensive post-production efforts. These conventional photoshoots can easily last weeks to months, causing significant time and financial strain.

With Rare Sense’s AI, brands can go from a few photos of the clothing item to an elaborate and detailed photoshoot in minutes. This AI also gives them unlimited customization options- which were not previously possible with conventional shoots. Additionally, the reduced need for physical resources aligns with the growing trend towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

Text-to-image AI tools have already opened up a world of possibilities in designing new styles and looks. But until now, it’s been nigh impossible for these AI algorithms to create imagery that showcases client-specific, real-world apparel or accessories. Rare Sense has changed this game by building an AI that generates amazing photoshoots with real clothes and accessories.

Sophia Pervez, Chief Sales Officer at Rare Sense, expresses enthusiasm about the impact on fashion photography: “Fashion brands can now enjoy the creativity of high fashion photoshoots without the logistical challenges and expenses. It’s super exciting and is going to change how we think about fashion campaigns.”

Rare Sense’s AI tool empowers fashion brands in the following ways: 

  • Enhanced Creative Control: It endows fashion brands with immense creative freedom. From selecting models and poses to determining lighting and locations, the AI offers an unprecedented level of customization for creative directors to bring their unique vision to life, transcending the limits of traditional fashion photography.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Rare Sense’s AI tool drastically reduces product photography costs by up to 90%, eliminating the need for expensive elements such as models, locations, and extensive post-production efforts.
  • Time Optimization: Traditional fashion photoshoots often span weeks to months, causing delays in marketing campaigns. Rare Sense’s AI tool streamlines the process, allowing brands to generate stunning photoshoots in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional methods.

Rare Sense currently provides a concierge AI service to fashion brands, furnishing campaign shoots, lookbooks, editorials, social media content, and website visuals. To further streamline the process, Rare Sense is also working on AI assistants that will enable brands to autonomously create their photoshoots, advancing towards a fully automated ‘text-to-photoshoot’ service.

You can visit https://raresense.so or www.instagram.com/raresenseai for more information and to schedule a demonstration for your brand.

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