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ComplianceQuest Unveils Enhanced SafetyQuest: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Leap in EHS Management

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Elevating Safety Standards: SafetyQuest Sets New Benchmarks in EHS User Experience and Risk Management

ComplianceQuest, a leader in AI-driven Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality, and Safety Management Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of the advanced version of its flagship Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) suite, SafetyQuest. This transformative update not only solidifies SafetyQuest’s position as an industry leader in EHS solutions but also revolutionizes the domain of digital safety management. With an upgraded user interface and enhanced functionality, the new SafetyQuest is set to transcend traditional compliance boundaries, ushering in an era of unparalleled safety excellence. 

Unmatched User Experience: Streamlined Navigation and Superior Visibility 
The revamped user interface of SafetyQuest redefines user interaction, setting a new benchmark in intuitive navigation and visibility. The “Enhanced Next Best Action” feature is a game-changer, boosting productivity by guiding users smartly through workflows with clear visibility of pending tasks, and providing contextual assistance with proactive alerts, ensuring that users can execute tasks efficiently and effectively. 

Integrated EHS Risk Management: A Proactive and Comprehensive Approach 
The latest iteration of SafetyQuest introduces a holistic risk management solution. This provides a unified view of various risk facets — Enterprise/Operational Risks, Job Safety Analysis, and Environmental Impacts — in a robust, centralized risk management framework, enabling intelligent, data-driven decision-making across an organization. 

Advanced Real-Time Safety Data Monitoring: The Safety Control Tower 
Introducing the Safety Control Tower – a preconfigured dashboard for real-time safety data monitoring. This vital tool empowers modern safety leaders by offering comprehensive data visibility, facilitating informed decision-making, and converting complex data into actionable insights. 

Comprehensive EHS Solutions: Revamped for Modern-Day Needs 
The facelift extends to a suite of solutions within SafetyQuest, including EHS Risk Assessment, Safety Observations, Behavior-Based Safety (BBS), Safety Inspections, and the innovative Safety Control Tower. Each solution has been meticulously enhanced, aligning with the dynamic needs of modern EHS professionals, aiming to proactively control risks, comply with evolving regulations, and ensure workplace safety and operational excellence. 

Strategic Partnerships: Expanding Capabilities and Ensuring Compliance 
In its quest to continually evolve and improve, ComplianceQuest has fortified its collaborations with esteemed content providers in the market. These partnerships augment SafetyQuest, equipping it with the latest in regulatory content and safety data management, ensuring ComplianceQuest remains at the cutting edge of regulatory compliance. 

A Commitment to Continuous Innovation 
“At ComplianceQuest, our continuous innovation is fueled by a blend of customer insights and technological advancements,” said Atulya Risal, CTO/VP of Products at ComplianceQuest. “This EHS refresh is a reflection of this commitment, integrating sophisticated AI to enhance our predictive analytics and decision-making capabilities. This evolution is pivotal in transforming integrated EHS risk assessment, empowering our customers to proactively identify hazards, assure workplace safety, and drive both safety and business success with confidence.” 

About ComplianceQuest 
Transform to a fully connected business with a next-generation AI-powered Product, Quality and Safety management platform, built on Salesforce. Our connected suite of solutions helps businesses of all sizes increase quality, safety, and efficiency as they bring their products from concept to customer success. Our intelligent data-driven platform comes with best-in-class integrated processes to mitigate risks, protecting your employees, suppliers, and brand reputation, and to increase innovation, compliance, profit, and customer loyalty. ComplianceQuest is pre-validated and easy to implement, use, and maintain, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration across the product value chain.  

For more information about SafetyQuest, visit www.compliancequest.com

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