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Snowball Wealth and Lynwood District Launch Bilingual Financial Education

by Ohio Digital News

Snowball Wealth is proud to announce the launch of a bilingual financial education program with Lynwood Unified School District in Los Angeles. This initiative marks a significant step towards equipping high school students with vital financial knowledge and skills in both English and Spanish.

“As first-generation college graduates, my co-founder Pamela Martinez and I understand the challenges these students face,” said Tanya Menendez, CEO of Snowball Wealth. “Our program is designed to provide them with the financial skills that we wish we had learned at their age.”

The program covers essential topics such as banking, credit, investing, and comprehensive college readiness. A special emphasis is placed on guiding students through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and providing crucial information about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“Our students, a significant number of whom are first-generation and 96% who would be the first in their families to go to college, face unique financial challenges,” stated Patrick Gittisriboongul, Assistant Superintendent of Lynwood School District. “This program is an essential tool in helping them navigate their financial futures confidently.”

A key component of the curriculum is the college readiness course, which includes strategies on selecting a college, financing higher education, and opportunities to attend college for free. This course aims to demystify the college experience for students and their families.

Miram Casuso, a teacher working closely with Snowball Wealth, is deeply invested in the students’ well-being. “Our goal is to empower students with the financial knowledge that can transform their lives,” shared Miriam Casuco. “Financial literacy is more than just numbers; it’s about shaping futures.” 

Snowball Wealth is complementing digital resources with in-person workshops, ensuring an engaging and comprehensive learning experience. These workshops are designed to actively involve students in their financial education journey.

Pamela Martinez, CTO at Snowball Wealth, emphasized the program’s significance. “We’re committed to bridging the financial literacy gap. This initiative is a crucial step in preparing students for a successful future, both in college and beyond.”

Recognizing the widespread need for financial literacy education, Martinez invites educators to join the program. “We are opening a waitlist for educators interested in bringing this transformative program to their schools. Teachers who wish to participate in our bilingual financial education initiative can sign up via our website. By signing up, educators can stay informed about the program’s development and receive early notifications about when it becomes available in their district.”

As Snowball Wealth’s bilingual financial education program continues to grow and make an impactful difference in the lives of students, it is seeking to expand its network of partners and sponsors in 2024. Banks, financial institutions, and other organizations interested in collaborating can find more information by visiting snowballwealth.com/partnerships.

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