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Realize Unprecedented Business Growth With the 2024 Astrological Forecast by MBA Business Strategist and Master Astrologer Kim Woods

by Ohio Digital News

Kim Woods, MBA Business Strategist and Master Astrologer, releases her 2024 forecast predicting how to create massive success in 2024 both in business and life. Although the New Year is filled with lots of lucky breaks, Woods predicts, “2024 is an edgy year, pushing you beyond your ability to deal reasonably with opportunities or challenges. The planetary forces push and pull you all through the year. The key is to stay centered, find your balance and fill your core.” Her goal is to help people navigate these tense times by outlining the 2024 months aligned for growth versus limits. Woods’ forecasts have become highly sought after in the business environment. The official 2024 Forecast ebook serves everyone, regardless of the stage in business or life, and was released on Dec. 1, 2023. Her ebook is available for download here

“Knowing, liking, and trusting yourself are the core pillars in building a successful business and living a balanced life. To be prepared for the New Year, you need to ask yourself the following questions: How do you live your soul mission? What fills your core? Do you enjoy the art of being or doing?”

In answering these questions, you’ll have a solid strategy to pursue your goals in the new way of doing business, while avoiding being swept up in the energies that push you too hard in 2024,” Woods said, reflecting the forecast’s theme of collaboration. 

Woods has built other seven-figure businesses. After leaving her corporate career, she used her abilities to channel, lead and impact millions. Her clients include business and world leaders who turn to her for guidance, most importantly, to learn how to master the concept of knowing, liking and trusting themselves through her unique approach.

Her annual forecasts showcased a new way of doing business and being in the world, which will continue into 2024, as the masculine way of doing business with the constant grind and push isn’t creating consistent success anymore. Woods’ best piece of advice for the New Year “is to rely on your softer business skills.” 

“My clients that experienced the star energies were able to stay in alignment, giving them a huge advantage in business. My clients do not fear a recession, as they’ve seen an average of 51% increase in business revenue across the board during the pandemic, even with brick-and-mortar businesses doubling their revenues and gaining 30% revenues while lowering effort by 40%,” Woods said. 

Woods will be hosting a live event on Jan. 4 at 1 p.m. ET to help others prepare for 2024. Everything Woods does is founded on the pairing of strategy and astrology. Looking to the future, Woods will release a Podcast, “Your Star Path to Success,” in January and her new book, “The 5 Power Pairs: Mapping Your Success Pathway to Your Soul Mission,” comes out in June 2024. 

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