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Au Pair USA: Transforming Lives Through Cultural Exchange and Volunteerism

by Ohio Digital News

Au Pair USA, a pioneering au pair program, continues to promote cultural understanding and community engagement through volunteerism. With a rich history of connecting American families and international au pairs, Au Pair USA has always believed in the transformative power of cultural exchange. That’s why the company is so proud to shine a light on the active involvement of its au pairs in volunteering locally and the reason why it is committed to offering diverse volunteer opportunities within each community.

Over the last 30 years, Au Pair USA by InterExchange has witnessed the incredible power of cultural exchange not only in private — in the American homes in which the au pairs live — but also publicly, in communities all across the USA. Cultural exchange is a diverse, two-way street. It introduces and exposes children to a bigger world; one in which different languages and traditions are spoken and practiced while at the same time broadening the au pairs’ knowledge and understanding of the local community. 

Uta and Paul Christianson are the founders of InterExchange, Au Pair USA’s parent organization. Long ago, they recognized that au pair programs could offer young people an opportunity to travel, immerse themselves in new cultures, and enhance their language skills. At the same time, they understood the lasting impact that exposure to new cultures and languages could have on the young children the au pairs cared for. In over three decades, that’s translated into more than 20,000 au pair alumni, representing 40 countries worldwide, and over 60,000 American children who were introduced to cultures and languages from around the world.

However, when you take into account Au Pair USA’s commitment to volunteerism, the number of people impacted by the program has been even greater.  

Each year, the program’s au pairs have the opportunity to participate in rewarding volunteer opportunities. For example, InterExchange au pairs volunteer in the annual TCS New York City Marathon. There, one au pair even served as a Spanish medical translator for the athletes. Additionally, at a recent Exchange Day celebration, au pairs volunteered with God’s Love We Deliver to help prepare meals for people in need.  

Even after three decades, Au Pair USA’s commitment to cultural exchange, volunteerism, and enriching the lives of au pairs, host families, and the communities in which they live remains unwavering as the organization continues to pursue its mission: “Enable global experiences both at home and abroad. Create global connectivity among travelers and hosts. Encourage global responsibility among our community toward a shared, better future.”

To learn more about how to share in the cultural exchange, either as an au pair or American host family, visit our website for more information. 

About Au Pair USA by InterExchange: Au Pair USA, established in 1989, is a leading cultural exchange program that connects American families with international au pairs. As one of the first U.S. Department of State-designated sponsors and a founding member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA), Au Pair USA is committed to fostering cultural understanding and enriching the lives of host families and au pairs alike. Au Pair USA provides a platform for young adults from around the world to experience life in the United States while offering American host families reliable and flexible childcare solutions.

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