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The Shifa Hospital: A Hamas Terrorist Hub

by Ohio Digital News

Situated in Gaza City, Shifa Hospital stands as the largest medical facility in Gaza. However, beneath its facade of medical care lies a disconcerting reality — it operates as a hub for Hamas terrorists. Within the very cabinets intended for medical supplies, a startling discovery awaits: military insignia, a knife, and the perennial presence of an AK-47. These weapons, entirely incongruous with the hospital’s purpose, find their way into this space because of Hamas’s deliberate placement.

Delving further, it becomes apparent that Hamas utilizes an intricate network of terrorist tunnels, with entrances strategically positioned within active hospital wards. The hospital, ostensibly a sanctuary for health, unwittingly becomes a command center for terrorist activities. Hamas strategically exploits the hospital’s protected status, leveraging it as a shield for their nefarious operations.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Israel adheres to a strict policy of distinguishing between terrorists and civilians. Conversely, Hamas unabashedly places the lives of civilians at risk by launching attacks from the heart of medical facilities. By transforming Shifa Hospital into a terrorist hub, Hamas willingly forfeits its protected status. The intended purpose of hospitals, to serve the sick and wounded while safeguarding innocent civilians, is perverted when they become shields for terrorists rather than sanctuaries for those seeking refuge.

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