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Why Doctor Who is the ultimate British show

by Ohio Digital News

Sixty years old this year, Doctor Who is perceived around the globe as one of the greatest British TV shows ever made. But what’s really at the heart of Doctor Who that makes it quite so quintessentially British?

Journalist, and self-confessed Whovian, Dan John delves into the stories, the costumes, the characters and the origins of Doctor Who to unravel the very British DNA of the world’s longest running science-fiction TV show. Interviews with Alexandra Benedict, a writer of official Doctor Who audio dramas, and Chris Oates, a political analyst and writer of the essay Doctor Who and the New British Empire, reveal how the show has become deeply ingrained in the language of British cultural identity itself.

Producer, Presenter and Editor: Dan John

Camera: Laurie Blake

Executive Producers: Hugh Montgomery and Natalia Guerrero

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