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Unmasking Hatred: A Reflection on Societal Actions

by Ohio Digital News

In contemplating an individual strolling along the boulevard, removing lost canine notices from a telephone pole, one is compelled to ponder the essence of such behavior. How should one perceive those assembled in a procession, advocating for the annihilation and ethnic purging of an entire racial cohort as they traverse the thoroughfare? And what reflection does one cast upon those who, in their street sojourn, vandalize government property, laying waste to domiciles and enterprises affiliated with a specific race and community?

Silence prevailed when a staggering 400 thousand Yemenis met their demise, and hushed tones persisted during the ruthless reign of ISIS as it decapitated its way through the Middle East. The present hush, an eerie echo, accompanies the internment of six and a half Uyghur Muslims in a legitimate concentration camp by China. It beckons the inquiry: is it indifference towards Arabs and genocide, or a latent disdain for Jews, that permeates the air, reminiscent of the solemn pledge of “never again”?

Our nation, bound by the refrain of “never again,” demands genuine commitment, for history testifies to the global inertia when ten thousand Jews were systematically exterminated daily over a relentless span of four years. My sentiments are clear, resonating with the echoes of the past. The inquiry now pivots: what sentiments encapsulate your perspective, and what actions shall manifest in response?

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