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Israel-Hamas war: Israeli forces raid Gaza’s largest hospital

by Ohio Digital News

It’s always hard to hear a baby cry in I’ll shifer there were more than 30 premature newborns clustered together many now orphans all of them pulled from their incubators after fuel to keep them going ran out these are some of the last images we have from the hospital amid smoke and dust patients being evacuated after what doctors describe as an his strike desperate attempts to keep badly injured children alive soldiers moved into the building late last night since then it’s been difficult to reach anyone there the isra forces are now within the hospital buildings they have been moving between the buildings with the troops can be seen within the hospital areas so um so it’s getting more and more close to our building we don’t know what they want to Israeli troops breached here a few hours ago and we have cleared the area this evening the military released a video from the hospital premises showing weapons they said were found inside grenade ammunition fighting vest with Insignia boots and of course uniforms and last but not least standard AK-47 though so far they presented no evidence of the massive underground Hamas headquarters Israel alleges Lies Beneath the hospital Palestinians claimed the assault on alifa shows Israel’s unrestrained brutality meeting soldiers near the border with Gaza Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu struck a trium full note we were told that we won’t enter shifa we entered and in the spirit we say a simple thing there is no place in Gaza that we will not reach there is no hiding no shelter no refuge for the murderers of Hamas Israel is now in firm control of much of Northern Gaza or what’s left of it this the parliament reduced to Rubble could there now be a change in tactics we asked one former senior Commander the next phase is surgical I mean this is Special Forces this direct fire we actually had to break in with this full uh full uh power tanks we our infantry brigades we engineering it’s an engineering campaign but right now that we sit of course surgical this would be the I think this will be the name of the game but the cries of pain show no sign of ending Israel’s deadly bombardment continues right across the Gaza Strip children rush to hospital following an air strike in darl balah here too share a single stretcher I found three of my children says Ed the other three are missing a gentle touch amid so much suffering Frozen in shock who can tell gaza’s children when all this will end well the Israeli military

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