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Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad – Locomotive 1706 Traveling in Youngstown, Ohio


Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad in North Lima, Ohio, hauling mixed freight north to Youngstown, Ohio.

1706 – Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad (MBRX)
222 – Milford Bennington Railroad (MBRX)
7225 – Camp Chase / Indiana Box Car Corporation (IBCX)


The Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad (reporting mark YSRR) is a short-line railroad subsidiary of Midwest & Bluegrass Rail that operates freight trains between Youngstown, Ohio and Darlington, Pennsylvania, United States. The line is owned by the Columbiana County Port Authority, leased to the Eastern States Railroad, which is owned by the line’s primary shipper, and contracted out to the YSRR. Freight is interchanged with CSX Transportation and the Norfolk Southern Railway at the Youngstown end.

The trackage was originally owned by the Youngstown and Southern Railway (reporting mark YS), which operated from 1904 to 1993, including a period as an electric interurban passenger railway between 1907 and 1948, being the last such line in Ohio.[2] It was later jointly owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad and Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad. After a local company bought the line in November 1996 and illegally closed it and blocked repairs,[3][4] the line was out of service for almost five years until the Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania Railway (reporting mark CQPA) began operations in May 2001.[5] Service under the YSRR name started in 2006, after the second of two less-than-two-year periods of operation by the Ohio Central Railroad System component Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad (reporting mark OHPA) (the first was in 1995 and 1996). The Indiana Boxcar Corporation then owned the line until 2019.

In 2019, Indiana Boxcar transferred their Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad to Midwest and Bluegrass Rail.


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