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TikTok Talk with Taversia


Truth teller, social activist and social media influencer Taversia sits down with JD and Suzy to talk about her journey to becoming a truth teller. As a tiktok sensation, Taversia uses her social media platforms for honesty, justice and unapologetically calls out hypocrisy. She speaks on social justice issues surrounding intersections of race, class, sex and gender.

What You Will Hear:
Taversia’s story from school years to being homeless
Taversia’s mother’s impact
Perception and socio-economic status in her youth
Protecting culture and closed culture
Centering yourself and amplifying voices: Using your privilege
Being in the LGBTQIA+ community
Being weird
What Taversia had to give up to become a truth teller
Losing friends
Changing the Narrative

“A lot of people who are marginalized gain respectability by appealing to the majority and queer people don’t do that.”

“Some of us play for survival, some of us play for status.”

IG, Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter: @Taversia


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