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Thriving Mall: Dayton Mall – Miamisburg, Ohio


Welcome to the Dayton Mall in Dayton suburbs of Miamisburg. Opened in 1970 with JCPenney, Sears, and Rikes as anchors. In 1982 Rikes merged with Shillito and became Shillito Rikes. In. 1986 Shillito Rikes became Lazarus and finally in 2005 Lazarus was converted into Macy’s. In the 80s and 90s the Dayton Mall went through several renovations like West and East wing interiors was changed. A second level floor was added, and a food court was added. In 1972 Cinema 2 was added on the 2nd floor, after that more screens was added to the theater. In 2001 the theater was closed and a wall was added to cover up the entrance. In the 90s another anchor was added, McAplins. In 1996 the McAplins was converted into Elder Beerman and after the Elder Beerman moved into the original space JCPenney and JCPenney moved into the former Elder Beerman space. In 2000 Designer Shoe Warehouse was added and the former Discovery Zone space became Linens ‘n’ Things in 2001 and a new entrance was added in the same area. In 2007 a new Lifestyle Center was added at the parking lot in the mall and it was named the Village at Dayton Mall. In 2012 Designer Shoe Warehouse moved into the lifestyle center. In 2012 Dick’s Sporting Goods opened in the mall next to Sears. In 2009 Linens ‘n’ Things closed at the mall the space became HHGregg in 2013, but in 2017 HHGregg closed due to bankruptcy. In the same year Sears Auto Center closed and became a Outback Steakhouse. In 2018 Sears closed for good, and in the same year it was announced the Room Place would open in the mall replacing numerous store spaces including Old Navy. Old Navy moved in near by in Austin Landing. But those plans was canceled and instead Morris Home Furniture opened instead in 2020. In 2019 Ross Dress For Less opened in the former HHGregg space, in 2018 Elder Beerman closed due to bankruptcy and the building was purchased in 2019 to be redeveloped. In 2021 the mall currently sits at 80% occupied, let’s go inside and check the mall and see how it is.

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Filmed on: 3/13/21

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We don’t cause trouble by filming these places. We only film to observe what was here before they get knock down or repurposed and it’s a part of retail history.

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