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The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary


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Treeline Header
A-Digit/Getty Images
Security guard
Image Source/Getty Images
Pencil hatching textures.
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Old Bisbee AZ-Historic 1905 Building
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Laptop Horror
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Floor full of leaves
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Dandelion weed in grass with roots
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Conifer tree
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Butterfly silhouette set
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Bigfoot the humanoid beast
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Alien creature in fog
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Trashed Jail Cell
powerofforever/Getty Images
Antique photograph of John Lawson Stoddard
ilbusca/Getty Images
private security
baytunc/Getty Images
Peeling Paint
Bryan Mullennix/Getty Images
Low Angle View Of Barbed Wire Fence Against Clear Sky
Thomas Jablonski / EyeEm/Getty Images
Prisoners take final exams at correctional facility in Primorye Territory
Yuri Smityuk/Getty Images
Bluerint paper
Jelena83/Getty Images
Amerika,Gefängnisse – Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield
ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images
Close up of hand with truncheon.
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Bloodstain Set
zizar2002/Getty Images
Blood on hand
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Black silhouettes of beautiful mans and womans
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Anonymous Body
fmajor/Getty Images
Human hand holding kitchen knife against red background
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Interior of a living room, 1950s style
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inside of abandoned prison cell
spinka/Getty Images
Rhode Island State Prison Population Declines
Alfredo Sosa/Getty Images
Dead body covered with sheet
Alan Traeger/Getty Images
Mass Ironing
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Grungy background texture
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concrete texture
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Fire warning sign
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Collection of male fashion model wearing sweater or jacket in different winter warm clothes
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wood brown plank texture background
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44 Magnum hand gun with copy space
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Interior Of Weathered Cell In Abandoned Prison
Thomas Weng / Eyeem/Getty Images
Worn concrete wall texture background with paint partly faded, in black&white.
Tuomas Lehtinen/Getty Images
Full Frame Shot Of Prison Bars
Avel Shah / EyeEm/Getty Images
Low Angle View Of Showers In Prison
Frédéric Mozziconacci / EyeEm/Getty Images
Interiors Of A Prison
Reza Dadfar / EyeEm/Getty Images
Amerika,Gefängnisse – Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield
ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images
USA – Ohio – : Ohio State Reformatory, prison located in Mansfield, Ohio garden front – Published by: ‘Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung’ 7/1911Vintage property of ullstein bild
ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images
Vintage Bathroom
George Gutenberg/Getty Images
Prison in America
Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty Images
Ohio State Reformatory Museum
Walter Bibikow/Getty Images
‘Broadway,’ Alcatraz Federal Prison
Kevin Thrash/Getty Images
Old Tools
aaron007/Getty Images
vintage wooden chair isolated
ChamilleWhite/Getty Images
Prison officer
MediaProduction/Getty Images
Hanging tree
AdrianHillman/Getty Images
A woman dressed in 1950s clothing and carrying hatboxes
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Prisoner being dragged down corridor
Image Source/Getty Images
Image Source/Getty Images
Hemera Technologies/Getty Images
Woman Reaching for a Book
Gregory Costanzo/Getty Images
Businessman inside office
George Marks/Getty Images

blood splatter
teekid/Getty Images
MS SLO MO Shot of American flag waving in wind / Caen, Normandy, France
Gerard Lacz Images/Getty Images


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