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Taurus Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF July 11 – 1 7, 2022

Psst, Taurus. If you’re not up to your eyebrows in deadlines and commitments, you might want to scour the interwebs for some last-minute travel deals. This Wednesday, July 13, marks the year’s only Capricorn full (super)moon, and it lands in your freewheeling ninth house of travel, adventure and everything else horizon-expanding. Where have you been dreaming of jetting off to? Or maybe a road trip is more your speed (literally). Too many options and not enough time or funds? Then think of friends and even family who live in inspiring locations and who keep bugging you to come for a visit. Just getting away can feel wildly liberating, especially if the pandemic kept you close to home. If you can’t get out of Dodge right now, you can still dream—and scheme! And that’ll give you time to save enough to bankroll this jaunt. Think outside the box and use this strategic full moon’s manifesting mojo to live out a long-held fantasy. And since the ninth house governs entrepreneurialism, education and publishing, if travel isn’t getting your heart racing, use this lunar lift to take that startup idea or style blog to the next level. Give it a little gas and see if the universe pings you back. If you’re getting a loud “yes,” go for it!

If you are going to make a move, don’t waffle because, also on Wednesday, industrious Saturn in your career corner forms a supportive angle with charming Venus in your money zone! Good news could come from out of the blue, or something you expressed interest in a while ago could suddenly materialize. This is a moment to zoom in on the most practical and likely prospect and run with it. Be gracious to everyone you interact with (Venus) but uphold firm boundaries when people try to take advantage of your hard-working nature (Saturn). If nothing finds YOU, be proactive and reach out to people who are doing what you want to be doing and express your sincere admiration. Sometimes that’s all it takes to spark a connection.

Romance downshifts into a slower and more enjoyable speed on Sunday as your ruler, amicable Venus, leaves buzzy Gemini and enters Cancer and your friendly (and flirty!) third house until August 11. As an earth sign, you lean toward a more pragmatic view of “adult” things like security and commitment, but under this frisky transit, you’re taking a more playful approach. Single Bulls—or committed ones who’d rather run off-leash—could feel the need for some stimulation and may be open to more creative exploration than usual. But there’s no need to rush into anything. Taurus loves luxuriating in the senses, so enjoy the slow buildup. There’s nothing wrong with playing (a little) hard to get; not knowing what—or WHO—will happen next is exciting! But if you’re stringing someone along for ego gratification, cease and desist! That’s not fair AND it’ll rack up some bad karma for you. During this sweet cycle, couples should make a point of scheduling fun and playful activities together, from camping at music festivals to food-and-wine tasting trips to adopting a new pet together.

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