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Sweet Peace Forest is a Secluded Nature Retreat in Ohio #Shorts


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The Sweet Peace Forest is a secluded nature cabin building retreat located in Pomeroy, Ohio, United States. The cabin building retreat can accommodate up to 6 guests, with 3 bedrooms, 4 beds, and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you’ll have the entire cabin building to yourself. The Sweet Peace Forest is a secluded nature cabin building retreat located in Southeast Ohio. The cabin retreat is just 30 minutes from Athens, and 20 minutes from Pomeroy and the Fur Peace Ranch.

The vacation cabin building exudes warmth and nature from the 30-acre forest where it is located, to the ponds, to the carefully crafted and recently renovated cabin home. No matter where you look, you are surrounded by beauty and calm. The Sweet Peace Forest cabin building is wide open with plenty of windows to let in natural light and nature from every angle. The cabin retreat has a great room, loft bedroom, and lodge-like atmosphere, it is fully furnished with all the amenities that you need for a comfortable stay and relaxation. The log house has an outdoor patio where you can sit back and relax throughout your vacation stay. You’ll want to note that it’s a good idea to buy your groceries before you arrive at the cabin building as it takes 26 minutes to get to the Kroger in Athens, and 24 minutes to get to Food Fair in Pomeroy.

The Sweet Peace Forest cabin building is sure to inspire you for a log cabin of your own. There is plenty you can do if you want long-term satisfaction with your cabin building design, it is good to start with energy-efficient log house construction. There is good reason to consider energy-efficient cabin building construction as you plan your new log house. The best and least expensive approach to conserving energy starts with your cabin building design. You can start with passive solar cabin building techniques that have been known for thousands of years, and can reduce your heating costs by as much as 50 percent. While taking full advantage of passive solar principles may take some consulting a professional, it is while worth the effort. When considering a passive solar cabin design you want to consider orientation, opening, and overhangs.

Orientation. You are wan to start with the orientation of your cabin building. Study your cabin building site and note where the sun rises and where the sun sets about your proposed log house site. You want to note any obstructions that would shade your log house during the day. In a cool climate, you want to orient your cabin building so the wall with the most windows which is usually the great room faces within about 15 degrees of the south. In warmer climates, you may want to avoid direct southern sun exposure. You can swing your log house design toward the east which will allow it to capture more of the morning sun while blocking sunlight through the heat of the day and the evening.


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