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State Auditor candidate pays a visit


LIMA — State Auditor Candidate Taylor Sappington spoke at the Women’s Club Luncheon in Lima on Thursday afternoon.

He is currently the Democratic candidate running for State Auditor against the incumbent State Auditor Keith Faber.

“The main thing I want to discuss is why we deserve a better government. As the Nelsonville Treasurer, I busted up theft and helped return honesty and accountability to the government,” said Sappington. “We were able to take the surpluses of that and return it back to our community at historic levels. We deserve an auditor who is a watchdog and not a lapdog. We deserve an auditor fighting for all of us so we can invest in Ohio at historic levels.”

After serving for over 2 years at the City of Nelsonville, Sappington is eager to take his career to the next level.

The Nelsonville native began his career working on various campaigns and eventually running for the State Representative in 2017. Sappington was elected as a City Councilman in December of 2015 and elected as the City Auditor in 2019.

Following election into the State Auditor’s office, Sappington worked quickly to investigate and restore the Nelsonville Treasurers’ office to its original design.

“On my first day missing records, missing emails, my emails were completely wiped, half of my financial records were a mess. I knew pretty quickly where there was smoke there is fire. I began an investigation that in 8 weeks led to the biggest theft bust in city history. Over $350,000 was missing and the prior administration had been stealing from the taxpayers for 7 years.”

“Regardless of what they say about the Democrats we are pretty good people,” said W. Kevin Cox, Perry Township Chairman. “This is a gentleman coming from Nelsonville and it’s a beautiful town. My wife and his son used to live down there. I think it is great that he is here. He sounds like a very honest person. I have to go door to door to get votes, so I understand. I don’t make any promises but I find out what people want.”

Members of the community are looking forward to the coming election and voting for the person they believe bests fits the position.

Sappington ended by saying, “I’m here to balance the books and catch the crooks.”

For more information on Taylor Sappington’s campaign visit sappingtonforohio.com.

State Auditor candidate Taylor Sappington joins the Women’s Democratic Party for lunch.

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