Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Skeldburg, Ohio


Director’s Note: “This is a spoof. It’s also deadly serious. We hope you laugh but if you don’t, that’s okay (you’re probably from a small town in Ohio and should maybe watch this again without taking it so personally). Why ‘Among Us’? It’s the perfect incubator. Enjoy!”

Created for Shotgun Players’ 30/30 Vision Project. More at shotgunplayers.org

SMJ – Co-creator, playwright, Tandy
Henri Sudy – Co-creator, editor, Wash
Ben Folts – Kate
Madeleine Norton – Jesse
Astilia Chokanu-Wenholz – Dr. Parcival
Niku Şor – Louise
Marcus Hallam – Curtis
Tristan Rose Gillia – Wing
Lizz Mangan – Belle
Julianne Graffeo – Dr. Reefy


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