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Shopping at Great Lakes Mall in CLEVELAND, OHIO | Los Angeles Native | Vlogging with iPhone 6S


This is a video of my visit to the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor, Ohio. Of course, the best part about this shopping mall is that it shares the parking lot with a Barnes and Noble that’s still in business; I have a tendency to geek out whenever I see a bookstore. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to browse the B&N, because it’s detached from the main building, and by the time we resurfaced, it was already time to go home. The Great Lakes Mall is a respectable size; it has almost everything you expect from a decent mall, such as Finish Line, Hot Topic, Spencer’s, and Forever 21.

As always, thanks for watching.


PS: I apologize for the lousy audio and grainy film quality of my iPhone 6S. I hope the subtitles help.

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