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Samsung Q2 guidance reveals increase in sales and profit


Samsung Electronics posted its latest earnings guidance, revealing another very solid quarter is in the books. The report revealed consolidated sales between April and June 2022 were KRW 77 trillion (about $59.2 billion), while the consolidated operating profit was KRW 14 trillion (around $10.76 billion).

Q2 2022 Guidance KRW / USD Q1 2022 Results KRW / USD Q2 2021 Results KRW / USD
Sales KRW 77 trillion / $59.2 billion KRW 77.78 trillion / $59.77 billion KRW 63.67 trillion / $48.93 billion
Operating Profit KRW 14 trillion / $10.76 billion KRW 14.12 trillion / $10.85 billion KRW 12.57 trillion / $9.66 billion

The numbers are slightly down from the previous quarter, but significantly higher on a yearly basis. Compared to Q2 of 2022 Samsung brought in 22% more in sales and 12% more in operating profit.

Going forward, Samsung aims to strengthen its position in the premium smartphone market as well as SoC chip production. The full breakdown of the financial results is expected at the end of July when we’ll have a clearer picture of what drove the strong performance.


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