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Red Bull Flugtag 2022 in Milwaukee will see homemade flying machines


The Red Bull Flugtag competition is coming to Wisconsin for the first time. It will be held at Veterans Park in Milwaukee on July 16.

This summer, 40 teams will be launching homemade, human-powered airships off of a 27-foot-tall flight deck in Milwaukee and gliding over — and then into — Lake Michigan. 

Red Bull Flugtag — named after the German word for “flying day” — has been around for more than three decades. This is the first time Wisconsin will be hosting the event, where teams compete to see whose craft can fly the longest distance without using motors, batteries, rockets or other power.

The world record is 78.5 meters — a bit less than the length of a football field.

Sixty teams submitted designs to be a part of the July 16 competition at Veterans Park; 40 were selected, based on how “amusing” their designs were and how likely it is the crafts will actually be able to fly. Most of the teams are from Wisconsin, but about four are out-of-towners, including from Ohio, Minnesota, Utah and Arkansas. 

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