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Steubenville police

No role model: A woman in the 600 block of Lawson Avenue who tried to warn a couple having a physical altercation while they were pushing a baby stroller that the stroller “was almost knocked over several times” said the female charged her and told her to mind her own business, saying she would “fight her if she needed to,” Tuesday. She said the two were arguing and hitting each other and advised them to stop fighting and watch the baby, when the woman became irate and even threw a rock at her house before her male companion grabbed her in a bear hug to keep her from going on the porch. Officers located the woman involved in the altercation, who they said was “extremely rude and hostile” and told them she and her son were fighting when the homeowner butted in. She said she told the homeowner she needed to mind her own business. The male fled with the baby before police arrived.

Surprise: Police were able to identify a white male who loaded a handcart with meat and fled Kroger without paying for it, Tuesday. An affidavit was prepared asking the prosecutor to file charges, police said. Store employees had a still shot of the thief, they said.

Booted: Individuals standing at the intersection of John Scott Highway and Sunset Boulevard wearing yellow vests and carrying signs urging passersby to donate for an organ transplant weren’t local, police said. One had a Texas ID, two were from Italy and the fourth, a female, had no ID, police said. None of them had a permit to solicit and all were advised to leave Steubenville.

Tracked: Someone dumped a load of litter and garbage behind 905 Brady Avenue, Tuesday. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras, and the vehicle involved was located in a driveway in the 1600 block of Pershing Avenue. An officer searched through the debris and located a letter with the Pershing Avenue address on it.

Rocky relations: An Oregon Avenue resident said his next-door neighbor cursed at him for feeding the birds, Tuesday. He said the harassment is ongoing, and alleges the individual may have been the person who threw chemicals on his yard and killed his grass.

Taxi: A caller reported an assault on Maryland Avenue, but when police arrived the woman told them she hadn’t been assaulted but she did need a ride to her residence to retrieve her belongings, Tuesday. She said she’s been having issues with her boyfriend and would like them to be present.

You can’t do that: A Union Avenue resident was warned about letting off fireworks, Monday. The man initially denied he was the culprit, but when officers spotted a large firework next to his door step, he admitted what he’d been up to.

Missed turn: Two vehicles in the turning lanes at Sunset Boulevard and Lovers Lane collided, then one of them fled Monday. A woman making a left onto Sunset from Lovers Lane said a vehicle to her left went straight, striking instead of making the turn and hit her rear driver side quarter panel, then fled the scene. A witness recorded the other driver’s license plate.

Suspicious hole: An Oregon Avenue resident reported the rear window of his vehicle broken, Monday. Police said there was a semi-circular hole near the top that could have been caused by a BB gun.

Cited: Michael Mizak, 33, 905 Woodlawn Road, Steubenville, cited for expired registration and towed; Sara Moore, 26, 340 McKee St., Steubenville, dog at large; Billie J. Sampson, 41, 704 Western Ave., Mingo Junction, driving under suspension-noncompliance.

Balls falling: A Lexington Drive resident voiced concern over golf balls and baseballs flying into his yard from a neighboring property, Monday. He said one landed in his pool and said his kids swim in it.

Code violations: Notices of violation were sent to the owners/occupants of properties at 212 N. Fourth St. and 2115 Paddy Mud Road, high grass and weeds; 1341 Oak Grove, litter and garbage piled in rear of property, and high grass and weeds, and 1312 Arlington Ave., piles of junk and litter in back and side yard

Hands off: A woman said her husband followed her to the shower after an argument and punched her in the eye because the house was a mess, Tuesday. She said he was “highly intoxicated.” Police said she had a swollen left eye and redness in her right eye.

Booked: Jason Drakes, 49, 553 Woodlawn Road, Steubenville, possession of drugs and tampering with evidence, Monday;

Jefferson County Sheriff

Scary: A Jefferson County teen was taken to the juvenile detention center after his father told deputies he tried to burn the house down with his family inside, Tuesday. The man said the youth has busted windows and destroyed walls, but this time set his blanket and pillow on fire. When they talked to the youth, he told them he didn’t know why he did it. His father said he’s been “acting out of control for a while and constantly makes threats about killing and beating up the family.” He said the youth has set things on fire in the past, “but this was the closest he has come to burning down the house with the family inside.”

Warned: A Mingo Junction woman said she was driving on county Road 28 when her ex-boyfriend passed her, then turned around to follow, Tuesday. She said she originally was heading to Steubenville Police Department so he would stop following her, but as she neared Beatty Park he pulled up alongside her car and started screaming at her. She made her way to the sheriff’s office and told deputies she’d filed for a protection order in Brooke County, but they said it couldn’t be enforced until the order was served. While she was on station deputies had her call her ex and once he was on the line advised him there was a protection order in place.

Targeted: A county resident was concerned that his neighbor was in his backyard firing his guns and feared a stray bullet “could hit his barn, chicken coop or one of his cows,” Tuesday. He said family members often walk down to the pasture to check on their cows, which would put them in the path of where the man was shooting. He said the neighbor didn’t take kindly to him asking him to stop.A man who was parked outside a recycling business wouldn’t tell the owner why he was there so he called the sheriff’s department, Tuesday. The business owner said when he told the man he was calling, he “jumped out of his car and tried to take off” but he had him blocked in, then begged him to call back and cancel the call. He didn’t give deputies a good reason for being there, either, but did tell them the reason he didn’t have plates on his car was he was in the process of getting them transferred.

Stopped: Deputies stopped a motorist in a car that matched the description of a vehicle Toronto police had issued an alert for following a domestic disturbance, Tuesday. Deputies said the advisory reported a male and female had been involved in a fight and when a citizen tried to stop the altercation, “the male grabbed the female and threw her in the vehicle and fled the area.” Both parties denied being in an altercation, though their clothing as well as their car matched the alert sent out by Toronto police. The male had a scratch mark on his left arm and at the base of his neck. Neither wanted to file charges and the two separated for the evening, with the male released to his mother. The female “continued on her way” in the car.

Booked: Kenneth Harper Jr., 32, 417 Marland Heights Road, Weirton, failure to appear, Tuesday; Shawn Paulin, 43, 1667 County Road 56, Toronto, failure to appear and contempt, Tuesday;

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Robert Strain, 48, 839 Washington St., Bergholz, failure to appear, Sunday.

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