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New Stage Theatreworks captivates in bright, bold ‘Heathers


From left, Heather Duke (Dessi Waters), Heather Chandler (Rhiannon Karp) and Heather McNamara (Amelie Valenzuela) - better known as the Heathers - are "solid Teflon" at Westerberg High in the New Stage Theatreworks production of "Heathers: The Musical," opening at Theatre Tallahassee on July 8, 2022.

Welcome to Thunderdome — I mean — high school. This is the opening vibe you are met with in New Stage Theatreworks’ Production of “Heathers.”

Anyone remember that Winona Ryder movie? If you are a fan, you are in for a treat, they made it into a musical! If you aren’t familiar, strap in for a wild ride. 

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Right out of the gate, the audience is thrown into the chaotic life of Veronica Sawyer, played dynamically by Makaira “Mak” Fisk, who is trying to navigate and survive high school in her small town in Ohio.

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