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Lost Ark guide: Vykas Legion Raid Phase 2 cheat sheet


Ready for your next face-to-face with Vykas? Vykas Legion Raid Phase 2 has no shortage of player positions and boss mechanisms to memorize. To save you from having to study all that, scroll down past the detailed walkthrough for the simplified Vykas Legion Raid cheat sheet to keep by your side during the battle.

If you need help with Vykas Phase 1 instead, we have a walkthrough and cheat sheet for that as well.

Mechanics walkthrough

Around health bar 144, Vykas will use her rotating lasers attack. She initiates this attack again around HP bar 90, and possibly at other random moments. During this attack, Vykas aims a purple laser at every player. It will explode, but not kill you. If, however, you’re standing close to another player and you take a double hit, the Raid may be over for you. Players can move to the edge of the map while running at normal speed to maintain a certain distance between the explosions.

A diagram for Lost Ark player positions during Phase 2 of the Vykas Legion Raid

Graphic: Marloes Valentina Stella/Polygon

At HP bar 120, take pattern one positions (depicted in the diagram above). The boss will randomly spawn three shadow clones at 3 o’clock, 7 o’clock, and 11 o’clock. One has folded wings, another has opened wings, and the third has only one folded wing. The five players in the middle must each consume an orb, which will mark them with either a red or a purple sign. Whichever marking — either red or purple — appears on the majority of players will determine the order in which they must visit the shadow clones to avoid the incoming shockwaves. Here’s the correct order for each color:

  • Three purple symbols (purple majority): no wings raised → one wing raised → both wings raised
  • Three red symbols (red majority): both wings raised → one wing raised → no wings raised

When the boss is down to HP bar 65, it will summon the three shadow clones again. Take on the positions from pattern two (refer to diagram above). Each clone shadow will release five shockwaves, and your task is to memorize which ones are black and which ones are red. The shadow clones will then proceed to shoot orbs at the boss, and you need to intercept the black ones. If your position has two black orbs, each of the two party members need to intercept one of them. If there are three, one of the “spare” players need to pick up the third. It’s best to decide on a quick communication method before starting the Legion Raid (e.g. calling out “7-4,” meaning the fourth orb from the seven o’clock clone must be intercepted).

The opening cutscene of the Vykas Legion Raid depicts her on a pedestal held up by other beings in her service

Image: Smilegate RPG via Polygon

Cheat Sheet

Start of the fight: Assign positions (see diagram).

  • Pattern one (HP bar X120): Five players in the center (cross formation), three on the outer edge at 3, 7, and 11 o’clock.
  • Pattern two (X65): Two players at 3, 7, and 11 o’clock, plus two spares.

X144: Rotating Lasers. Run clockwise, edge of the map.

X120: Shadow clones at 3, 7, and 11 o’clock. Absorb five orbs in the middle.

  • Purple majority: 0 wings → 1 wing → 2 wings.
  • Red majority: 2 wings → 1 wing → 0 wings.

X90: Same as X144, rotating lasers.

X65: Shadow clones (3, 7, and 11 o’clock) orb interception. Memorize shockwave colors (red or black).

  • Intercept black orbs.
  • Spare players help out.

For the next stage, here’s our walkthrough and cheat sheet for Phase 3 of the Vykas Legion Raid.

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