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Legends of Runeterra’s new expansion introduces three new champions


Legends of Runeterra fleshes out the world around around League of Legends and its champions, telling stories through its cards that can’t come across in the MOBA. It’s not entirely clear what’s canon, and some of it has extensively crossed over to the Universe website or in other Riot media, but the cards often tell little stories through their characters and descriptions.

For instance, the next expansion, Forces from Beyond, seems to tell a story of Kai’Sa witnessing a Void battle in Shurima in the doomed city of Belveth, Gwen finding a new court full of masked attendees, and the demon Evelynn feeding across Runeterra.

Forces From Beyond also comes with other new cards, along with new keywords that enable the creation of new decks. The Star Guardian event will also appear in Forces from Beyond, as Star Guardian Kai’Sa will be the first legendary skin in Legends of Runeterra, along with new voiceover and animations for her champion cards. She’ll be joined by a host of other Star Guardian skins for champions, including Gwen, Jinx, Senna, and Soraka.

The new expansion releases July 20. Last month, Riot announced it would “refocus” Legends of Runeterra on PvP, and the new PvE Path of Champions mode would receive “fewer updates.”

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