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Israel-Hamas war: Blast at Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza kills Hamas commander

by Ohio Digital News

We want to  get out to more  details more. developments   there in  the war in  Israel.  And of  course  the broader  potential conflict, of   course  a live  picture right  there.  out of  Gaza  as   well  as  we  continue to  follow  all of  this. new  information here  on live now  from  Fox including an   air strike  at  the jabalia  refugee.  camp  there the  Battalion,  of  course, we’re  following it  her e   on live now from Fox,  of course.  this   a tweet from Jonathan  schanzer saying Hamas.   Is indicating it will release  some Ford hostages  soon. Just  as Ibrahim  bre.   head of Hamas Jubilee  Battalion reported  to  be   killed by the IDF.  He  was  involved  in  the planning   and execution.  of  the  terrorist attack  back  on   the seventh there and we   want to continue  here  on   live  now from  Fox we   want to bring in  right now  the vice  president there  for the foundation  for defense of  democracies  Jonathan  Sandra. Thank you  so  much  for joining us   here  on  live  now from   Fox.  What  do we make  of   this? latest  are striking?  how important of a  figure   is  eted IDF  take  out.   Well, we  can’t really   say for certain how important  he is.  He’s not  top 10.  You might say he’s  top 25.  Let’s say of  the most   Wanted  figures. within  the  Hamas.  organization  that   the Israelis  are.  stocking.  I think he  was just   you happen to be  in the line of fire. I guess or   maybe they  decided to  take   out some  Underground.   infrastructure. this  area.  Jabalia.  as it’s known.   it’s  really they call  it  a  refugee camp. It’s  not it’s   hot.  It’s   densely populated.  but most   people probably know. there  are not many  refugees  left.  at  this  point.  we’re  talking about the  descendants of  refugees   people  who are still  claiming  to  be  refugees.  Nevertheless. It’s  a densely  packed  area  Urban Warfare.   and the I sraelis  and taken  out what  appears to  be  at   significant.  Underground. Target. which is  a large  part  of  what’s  going on   right now in that.  War  there’s a whole Underground  infrastructure  that is  posing  a severe  threat  to   the Israeli troops  as   there are on  the ground. So   I think we’re going to  see  more  of  that. large bombs  they take out whatever  is   lurking beneath. Yeah, that is a very  very   interesting because I think  a lot of  the initial reports  talked about the refugee  camp  as well in the  IDF  putting this  on  social   media as well saying  the IDF  operating taking  out this   terrorist strongholds  stronghold  use for training.  execution of  terrorism  activities. I do want to put   with some more tweets here   from  Troy  gangstas. Well   because obviously this felt  similar to that hospital   air strike as well. where the  Palestinians in Gaza.  officials coming  out with   it saying more  many   Palestinian civilians.  kveld  at  t he jabalia  camp in Northern  Gaza   the Palestinian Source claims  multiple  Israeli strikes  targeted  the area. they’re  checking  with  information.   There’s a statement from  the  military  as  well   to says the Israeli  Defense Force led by  them   have seized control of  the  Hamas military  stronghold   in  Western.  Of  course  you  mentioned maybe not a lot of   refugees. still.  in  that.  location. is  maybe the  information that comes  out?   initially how important  is that Becau se of  course   you talk about  air strike   by  Israel? you talk about   refugees  of  course   civilians. how  it may be important is  the  information kind  of  War  right now amongst especially   something like  Now, it’s  huge. I mean  the amount  of   disinformation. that’s   flying  around. of   disinformation  that’s   really  notable.  you know  a  few things  I think.   you know  in order  to   try to  understand   and digest  this  story  number  one. the Israelis   have  asked for al l.   civilians to  clear out of   the northern  Gaza  Strip  Jabalia.  is  in  the  northern  Gaza  Strip.  and  so  when  the Israelis  go in  and are either  fighting   on the  ground   hand-to-hand really kind of  face to face. It’s bourbon   combat, Urban Warfare.  you  know  these. most  of them  at  this  point most  of  the  people  that  they are.  encountering. are going to   be. militants or  people that  are likely  associated  with   Hamas That’s  not to say   that  there aren’t  civ ilian   casualties. I’m sure   there are and of  course  we   don’t want  to  see any of   them. but I would say that   the Israelis  have  asked all  civilians to  clear out  to the  extent that that’s   possible  so  that  there’s  that  that’s number one.   number two. You know  the  sheer number  of the the   actual  number  of  refugees.  It’s  almost  negligible.  I mean, I think there’s maybe  ten thousand  and  all of the Gaza Strip right  now. maybe 20  It’s  a hard   thing to  say,  bu t these  would be  the elderly people   from  the 1948  War.   We’re not talking about now,   There are people  who are  literally trying  to  get out  of  the way of this war.  one  could call  them  refugees,  but the camp itself was not  one not in  real  terms.  now  the bombing itself. are  interesting reports about how  the Israelis  hit a Target   at  then  after that. the  ground  began to  Crater. as   a result  of  the underground  infrastructure  that  we   talked about. and again a l ot  of  this  It’s  fog of  War  we  just  don’t know  the  facts we’re dealing with   Snippets of information. what we hear  out of  the  Israelis  what  we  hear   out of  Hamas.  for their  course  not likely  to be  terribly  honest. but again  as you  suggest  the disinformation  ation the  amount of information flying   around  that is designed   deliberately  to  obfuscate.   It’s  a huge  part  of  what   I have to sift through. every  day.  Yeah. It’s very  difficult to see  because  be cause the initial report   comes out and that’s  what   people  generally run with   but of  course  the fog  of War  like  you said  a lot  of  more  information coming   out.  as  they  come  I do   want to give you  out to a   different development there  talking about who the end of   course  now houthi the  group  their the rebel group from   Yemen claiming  a  surface-to-surface   surface-to-surface middle. targeting Israel  as  well.  Give  me  a kind of a  breakdown who is  houthi  and maybe why was this   development?  And why did  they  claim it  today?  Okay,  so  this  this it’s actually   kind of a wild  story.  so   really  since around. 2015.  maybe even  a little  bit  earlier. There’s a group  that’s  been  based in   Yemen.  Yemen has has been   dealing with  a civil war  since the outbreak  of the   Arab  Spring. this  group has  conquered large chunks  of   Yemen.  They  are.  at this  point almost  fully aligned  with  Iran  much  like  Hamas  is  much  like  hizb allah is   except Iran is  used  the  this  houthi  group primarily  to Target Saudi Arabia. They’ve been  carrying  out  attacks in  the Persian Gulf.  again some of Iran’s  enemies  there.  and so  just  the  quick background  on  this   is  bright  has Donald  Trump  was leaving office  in  2020.  He  added them. to the  the  u.s.  Terrorism list  as soon  as  the by  the ministration   came  in  they  removed the  houthis. from  the  terrorism list. and it was   kind of a finger  in the eye that  the Saudis  and it  was  I think question  the whole  thing was really  not a  terrific  episode in   American  foreign policy. Not  a lot of  consistency You can  put it  that way. Anyway, the  houthis have  continued to   engage  in  all manner of  violent activity. and they   always  one of  their their  slogans is  death to   America death to  Israel   death to the  Jews  This  is   what  they  say at every   rally.  so you  get a sense  of  who they are  and what   their values  are .  so  to   speak.  anyway, so  what  the  fast forward to today?  and  they  fired a long-range   missile?  at  Israel   these Raley’s intercepted it   with  the arrow defense  system. This is a system   joint. That was jointly  developed.  with  the United   States. It’s a  real  asset.   for Israel  and for the  u.s. I think. and then  the  houthis houthis claimed  responsibility. building   and I’ve actually since  declared war. against Israel   the likelihood of seeing   a ton of  missiles. Rockets  out of  Yemen.  it slow.  but  it  is  interesting,  right  now that  the Iran  appears  to  have  activated.  and  it’s  really  important to   note  this   because obviously what   watching  in  Gaza. There’s a  full-blown  in Gaza.  all-out  War happening in Gaza right  now. but then  you’ve  got  Rockets out of  Lebanon.   from  Hezbollah you got  Rockets out of  Syria.   targeting us. bases You got  Rockets out of  a rock   targeting us  bases You got  Rockets out of  Yemen  targe ting Israel  and you’ve   got ongoing unrest  in the   West  Bank. what  Iran has   done  just  to  be  crystal  clear. it  is  started a  regional  War.  now  now there is  They’re still  ways  to  contain that   war to keep it  only  in  the  Gaza  Strip while absorbing.   fire  from  all these other  places. but Iran  is  very   much  trying  to  activate   all of  its proxies and all  of  its allies  across  the  region  to  try to  put  Israel. in  a position   where it  can’t be  defended. I don’t think it’s  going to   happen. Obviously the u.s.   Is  there and the Israelis   have  quite a bit.  left  in   the tank  in terms  of  the  fight in front  of  them, but  you get a sense of  the  strategy. that  that  Iran   has tried to  adopt here.  Yeah. It’s a   a lot of complicated   fashion.  I think you  explained it. very  well   there because there’s Hamas  is  balla now houthi  as   well  getting involved  in   like  you mentioned I think a  big point of  this  is   potentia lly not now.   be a part of  that  terrorist  group as  well. And of course  we  did see US  forces   maybe go  after. a proxy in   Syria.  potentially,  could  they  houthi  the  placed back on  the  terrorist group And would  that  may be  the u.s.  To   maybe containing  that?  aspect  of  this  larger   regional  conflict  as well  as  that a possibility. Look,  it’s  possibility.  But  let me  put it  in  maybe a  slightly  different way. It’s a possibility u.s.  Designates  the the houthi s  started they were  on the cusp of  a possible.  normalization deal  with   Israel. and it would  be   brokered  by the  United   States  and it was  really   designed  to  signify a new.   US  lead. Regional  order in   the Middle East.  if  the  u.s.  Decides to   designate the houthis again  this  could be  a significant  move. to  let’s say bury the   hatchet with  the Saudis  as   we  all know  the Saudis   and the vitamins. Stration   have  not been  getting  along.  famously. but I thin ow  does   Saudi Arabia  both   geographically  and  politically factor  into   what  is happening  with  the  houthis?  well  the Saudis   have been the number one   target. There was a deal   reached earlier this  year   between a and Saudi Arabia.  during  which both  sides.   agreed  to  respect the  others  pegged. territorial  integrity.  and I think that   was really  a sign  that  the  houthis were  going to  be   off limits  so  long  as  the  Saudis  didn’t  try to   undermine the regi right things  can  deteriorate rapidly.  So  I  think having  the Saudis  in   the u.s. Right  now looking  for assurances  from  the US.  Is very important?  I think  there’s something else   that’s important  to  note   here  that  you know, the the  Saudis  have  been  a little   ambivalent  about the US  for  some  time  now,  not sure   that  the u.s. Is  the  superpower that it  once  was  not sure  that  the us would   have  Saudis  back  in the   event of  a conflict. when   you look rom  scratch. I’m  hoping  that  that’s  where  we are  right now.  I think  it would  be  good  for the  United  States  it  would be   good  for the security  of   the region. it would  be   good  for the oil economy  that  we  are always   concerned about.  and  it would be good for   normalization between  Saudi Arabia  and Israel,  who are really  still too. of our  most  important.   allies  in the  Middle  East   It will be  really  important  to  keep  them  together  and  on side and wi reakdown of what  is because  this  is   potentially one of  the first  times it  was used. Correct.   I think it’s  been  used   Maybe you know, I think twice  three times. something like   that  since the Israelis   have  had there not been  a  lot of  long  range threats.   but what’s  important here?  Is  that  the with  the  help of the United? States?  We  have  seen  actually   there three systems that  the  Israelis have we  have   Iron Dome which everybody  hears about this  the  short- ter.  and then   you’ve  got the long range   system  and this  system  has  just  shown you what   would happen  if  Iran tries.  to  start lobbing Rockets at   Israel  and the fact that  this  integrated  three  layer system. seems to  be   working.  is  I think has  to be a good  sign  to   Israelis. but also  to the   United  States  because this   is  technology  that  they   will  have  access  to  the  US. military  will  and  already has started looking  at  what  the Israelis  bring  to cquisitions. if   everything goes the right  way.  All right, that’ll be  very  interesting.  Thank you  for breaking  it  all down   and very  complicated  story to  say the least  with these   latest developments that   coming  in   minute-by-minute hour-by-hour. you down very well. Jonathan   schanzer. Thank you so much  for joining us  here  on   live  now from  Fox is always  great to hear from you.  anytime.  All right.   Thank”Hamas commander Ibrahim Bre, involved in planning and executing a terrorist attack on the seventh, reported killed by the IDF.A tweet from Jonathan Schanzer suggests Hamas may release hostages soon in response to the IDF action.The IDF conducts an airstrike on Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza, targeting an underground infrastructure posing a threat to Israeli troops.Houthi rebels from Yemen claim responsibility for firing a surface-to-surface missile at Israel, signaling potential involvement in the regional conflict.The U.S. considers designating the Houthi rebels as a terrorist group, complicating regional dynamics and potentially affecting relations with Saudi Arabia.

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