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This fun trip to a fresh new vintage place is full of tips for antique lovers! How to pick out gold tone costume jewelry? We find out here. How to spot unmarked Monmouth Pottery and Niloak Mission Ware? We’ve got that too! From repurposing old machinery to dating old wicker furniture, we explore this big antique emporium with an eye to what the items there can tell us about similar items we might see elsewhere in our vintage hunts.

Finding fun stuff is easy in this Cheyenne’s large Antique Center, with a big variety of captivating vintage goods! Picture scenes grace 19th century lithophane clocks and MCM scenic shade Cholla lamps, furniture flips out and turns from table to chair, and an ice machine from Japan fascinates with its unusual pre-war design!

Among the treats, we find a few tricks as well, and point them out for your edification. Newly made “Fenton” from China shows an obvious quality deficit compared to the original, while an American-made pot masquerades as English. Can we believe our own eyes? Hopefully this helpful video will make it easier for you to tell what’s what when you’re out on your own antiquing adventures.

Here’s some more of what we find to stimulate our antique awareness:

Hall Crocus coffee dispenser, Evening in Paris sets, Moorcroft vase, Chirstmas Tree and die lighters, vintage hardware, Tiara Imperial decanter, antique tole painted tin, Italian floral chandelier, slag glass lamp, oak 1910 lamp table, leather Art Nouveau turnlock bag, Pairpoint candlesticks, Burley Winter pot and crock, lion bookends, Goofus Glass bowl, Floss decorated 1960s glass, New Model cream cooler, Kanawha vase, McCoy art deco teapot, 1910s fashion school print, Pacific (L.A.) shell vase, Louisville Stoneware casserole, Trifari/Vendome/Boucher jewelry, cast iron hitching post horse head, Red Wing rose dinnerware set, Byzantine casserole, gold modernist shelf, Gaudy Welsh ware, 1920s wicker lamp, inlaid ca. 1920 French writing desk, Eastlake bedroom suite, 1970s plush character toys, baby bunny quilt, zinc top table, 1950s vacuum bench, 1960s saltillo, gilded cock and hen, 1970s bath scale, Metlox 1930s pastel dinnerware, Weller luster bud vase, brass store counter scales, vintage Christmas decor, 1930s mountain lion lamp, Peters & Reed Moss Agate pot, Metlox Daisy topiary cookie jar, vintage childrens books, spelter knight on horseback, sausage press, Woodsy Owl flasher pin, 1930s German zeppelin condiment set, McCoy lily wall pocket, framed trade cards, 1910s gossip print, English scenic tourist boxes and string holder, Victorian figural silver plate napkin rings, 49 star American flag, Victorian throne chair, doll miniatures, houses and dioramas, 1960s kewpies, ship clock, leather decanter, ‘Little Napoleon’ 1890s desk, etc.


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“Sweeter Vermouth” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
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