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Houseplant Haven opens – The Lima News


Houseplant Haven is now open at 1519 N. Main St. suite 3 after much discussion and planning. The mission is to provide a beautiful refuge for customers to pursue happiness through houseplants.

Megan Fisher and Kayla Garcia met while participating in the Lima Young Professionals, a group whose mission is to promote business with individuals under 40. As they chatted and interacted as a part of that group, they realized that they shared a similar passion – houseplants.

Garcia shared the beginning, “Megan and I have known each other for a few years now. We both have had a passion for houseplants. She came to me with this idea in the middle of May. From there we started a business plan and did the whole nine yards and here we are. We had quite a few starts and we also found some online wholesale vendors.”

“I have always had a passion for plants,” Fisher explained. “Growing up my mom had plants in every corner. So it was natural that when I grew up and had my own place that I would have plants. It was always kind of a passion that I enjoyed for myself.”

Fisher offered some advice, “If you have houseplants that aren’t quite performing or looking their best, you can bring them and ask us questions. We can help try to problem-solve how to get your plants back on track. Most people who have plants have killed on average seven. When you’re dealing with live things, you can’t always control what happens. Usually it’s a matter of too much water, the soil doesn’t drain well enough or maybe the roots are too large. Until we started doing research about how to fix our own plants, we didn’t know much about it. Now that we have been able to successfully save some of our own, we feel we have a small qualified voice.”

Speaking for both owners, Fisher said, “I think the one thing that we really want to drive home is yes, we have a beautiful shopping experience. We have all your plants, but we really hope for this to be a place where people feel comfortable, where they feel peaceful, where they want to come and spend a little time away.”

Houseplant Haven is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Various houseplants are available at Houseplant Haven.

Megan Fisher and Kayla Garcia cut the ribbon to their new business, Houseplant Haven, assisted by Lima Allen County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jed Metzger.

Plants of all sorts can be found at Houseplant Haven.

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