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Election 2016 — Battleground Ohio — Dan Birdsong on Ohio, Social Media


Part of a series of University of Dayton faculty experts on the 2016 election.
Dan Birdsong teaches courses on American politics, the presidency, campaigns and elections, media and politics, and public opinion and political behavior. He has a background in polling and policy research. He has researched how people consume news in an era of multiple sources and new media. Do people consume a variety of news sources or do they find news that fits their thinking? Is it possible to have a national discussion on any given issue when the sources of information often disagree? He also has tracked presidential candidates’ use of Twitter.

University of Dayton faculty are available for media interviews on a wide range of topics sure to be hot this 2016 election cycle: The economy, immigration, environmental policy, polls, campaigns, voting laws, religion and more.

Visit go.udayton.edu/ElectionExperts.


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