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Election 2012 — Battleground Ohio — Richard Stock on the Economy


Part of a series of University of Dayton faculty experts on the 2012 election. Visit www.udayton.edu/news/election2012.

Richard Stock, Director of the University of Dayton Business Research Group, talks about Ohio: What is the current state of Ohio’s economy? What are key differences between 2008 and 2012? What is the housing situation? What are the major issues?

Bio: Richard Stock is director of the University of Dayton’s Business Research Group. Stock researches and monitors the battered Ohio economy, keeping an eye on trends in jobs, unemployment, housing sales, impact of the foreclosure crisis, industry and signs of recovery.

A perennial battleground state, Ohio is a must-win on the road to the White House. No Republican has ever won the election without carrying the Buckeye State, and a Democrat has only won twice without Ohio in the last 116 years.

For insight on Battleground Ohio, look no further than the University of Dayton. Our faculty are available for media interviews on a wide range of topics sure to be hot this 2012 election cycle: The economy, immigration, environmental policy, polls, campaigns, voting laws, religion and more.


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