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Consumers “don’t want to be nickeled and dimed” for credit card use


Some businesses have begun tacking on a surcharge for customers using a credit card. Some customers say that is not fair and should be a cost of doing business.

Tim Freeman is both a small business owner and a consumer who regularly uses his credit card

Freeman, who owns Altima Tan in Springfield Township, recently reached out to complain about a growing number of businesses he’s noticing that are charging customers to use their credit cards. 

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It happened to him and his wife twice recently at what he considers high-end restaurants.  

When the bill came and Freeman paid with his credit card, there was a notice on his credit card receipt that there would be a 2.5% charge for any purchases made entirely with a credit card. 

“It was a little late in the game for me to run to the ATM and get some money,” said Freeman, who said he doesn’t carry more than $20. “We’ve been trained for years to use a credit card because it’s so convenient.” 

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