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Chesapeake & Ohio George Washington Passenger Train [4K]


The George Washington was a named passenger train of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway running on a route between Cincinnati, Ohio and Washington, D.C.It began service in 1932 to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the first president of the United States. When the George Washington was inaugurated as C&O’s top-notch train on April 30, 1932, it was one of only two all-air-conditioned, long-distance trains operating in America. (the other was the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s Capitol Limited, which was instituted as an all-air-conditioned train only a week or so before the George Washington. New equipment was not built for this train; instead, older cars that were completely refurbished by Pullman and by C&O shops. It was still a few years before the streamliner craze, so C&O persisted with the standards of the time using its solid, heavy cars. The Pullman Company normally lettered its sleepers in a standardized fashion so that they could be interchanged and routed in any train in the United States with some uniformity, but there were some “name trains” to which specific cars were assigned on a regular basis, and C&O’s George Washington was one of these. They differed from the standard Pullman sleepers in that they had the name of the train at the center of the letterboard where “PULLMAN” was usually placed, while the word “PULLMAN” was relocated to the end of the letterboard in small letters


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