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Avon Lake combines three city departments into one; Ted Esborn to head


AVON LAKE, Ohio – Businesses coming into Avon Lake can now have procedures (read: red tape) cut a little bit shorter without running around to various departments. Three of the departments are going to put under the umbrella of a new department: Community Development.

Currently the city’s Economic Development Director Ted Esborn will be heading up the new department that will contain the departments of zoning and planning as well as economic development.

Esborn said there have already been some changes that took place in 2021 including a new review process. A report on the progress of the process includes the following:

“The review process is presently in effect and has been used by the Economic Development Director, Ted Esborn, for new projects. A new business building project meets with all departments to assist them in zoning and building codes, tap-in fees, plans review, cost savings, and help the company with timelines and points of contact. Surveys are given to the company to provide feedback on the process. This collaborative effort has been well received, and the city has been able to save businesses money and assist in estimating costs before a shovel hits the ground.”

Esborn said, “Staff and relevant department heads have been meeting weekly. We bring in businesses to locate in the city or ones that want to start a new project in the city. It’s been a huge help in improving the city’s points of contact and businesses won’t be sent back and forth between departments. The businesses will meet with all the departments and gain the input from all the departments at the same time.”

But Esborn said there will be more work to do on a bigger scope and he sees the need to hire more people. He has already proposed two new hires: a new planning professional and an administrator.

Esborn also noted Mayor Greg Zilka is fully behind the new plan. “(The mayor) is very much a part of this and behind this. He thinks in looking to the future this is the best route for the city.”

For more information on the new reorganization, Ted Esborn can be reached at Avon Lake City Hall at 440-933-6141. City Hall is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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