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Attack Peter! Defend G-Fest! Collect Harryhausen? (featuring a special interview with Attack Peter)


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YHS on Monster Island is honored to have a special interview with kaiju art royalty, the incomparable Attack Peter! Peter shares details on his rise to stardom, from his unique linoleum block printing style to his relationships with Toho and Mondo, to his exciting Kickstarter around his popular Takoro character. You can’t say enough good things about Peter – and he is truly representing the kaiju community on the grand scale!

Link to his upcoming Kickstarter: https://www.skybound.com/attack-peter-kickstarter

In addition to the interview, Jake and Jay review weekly pick-ups, Jake’s headlong dive into the Harryhausen X-Plus rabbit hole, and Jay breaks down his plans for G-Fest in Chicago!

Twitter – @YHSMonsterPod

Instagram – Jake: @jacobzilla / Jay: @tokutoytown

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