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Amazon Prime Day 2022 tabletop game deals


As we slowly and careful return to the table for game night, it’s time to pick up some new board games to refresh your collection. Or maybe to grab those old classics for the family. This year’s Amazon Prime Day has something for every kind of tabletop gamer with deals on the classic board games, base games, and lots of expansions.

There are great deals on some modern classics and their expansions. Catan’s base game and expansions, Ticket to Ride’s base game and other locations, and Pandemic’s expansions along with Pandemic Legacy Season 0, 1, and 2 are all on the list. There are also deals on some of those games you, if you’re like me, have had on your wish list for a while now like Wingspan, Scythe, and 7 Wonders.

If you’re looking for some throwback games or are introducing younger people to game night, this year’s Prime Day has some deep discounts on the old standards. Battleship (which has planes now, and I’m not okay with that), Clue, Candy Land, and even Yahtzee are on this list this year. There’s also a Longest Game Ever version of Monopoly that we’ve listed here just to see if anyone actually buys it.

Board Games

A town between two mountains in Catan 3D.

Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee

Kingdomino board game box and contents

Image: Blue Orange Games

Disease cubes in Tripoli and Cairo while a white pawn looks on.

Photo: Charlie Hall/Polygon

a photo of miniatures from the board game Scythe

Photo: Charlie Hall/Polygon

Ticket to Ride board game box

Image: Days of Wonder via Amazon

A white bird hovers against a blue background in the cover art for Wingspan.

Image: Stonemaier Games

Escape Room and True Crime games

Family game night classics

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