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A Guide to the Queen City’s Many Murals & Public Art


By Heather Rader

Posted On: Apr 27, 2018

Since 2007, ArtWorks Cincinnati has been transforming Greater Cincinnati’s bare walls into vibrant public art murals. More than 140 Cincinnati murals can be found throughout 44 Cincinnati neighborhoods and seven nearby cities, making the Queen City one of the best places in Ohio to discover exceptional public art!

Whether taking a self-guided walking tour (download the ArtWorks map) or joining an ArtWorks creative for a more in-depth guided tour, viewing the colorful art murals is a great way to learn more about Cincinnati’s history and art scene.

Continue reading to discover a few of the most popular Cincinnati murals-

Homecoming (Blue Birds)

Location: 119 E. Court St.

Designed by one of Cincinnati’s most accomplished artists, Charley Harper, who was a graduate of the Cincinnati Art Academy and known for his flat, geometrical animal portraits.

What’s Happening Downtown

Location: 1005 Walnut St.

Larger -than-life figures peer outside their windows to see what’s happening in the city, speaking to the vibrancy of Cincinnati’s Downtown community. Designed by Ted Hendricks.

Fresh Harvest

Location: 1014 Vine St.

Featuring realistic produce fresh from the field, the vibrant colors give a modern flair to the traditional design. Created by Jonathon Queen in partnership with the Kroger Co.


Mr. Tarbell Tips His Hat

Location: 1109 Vine St.

Featuring a true Cincinnati original, tuxedo-clad Jim Tarbell, welcomes visitors the Queen City. Designed by Tim Parsley.


Crazy Cat Quilt

Location: 1107 Walnut St.

Designed by Edie Harper, Cincinnati Master Artist and wife to Charley Harper (Homecoming mural designer), this playful art mural depicts her favorite cat, Katrinka.

Ice Cream Daydream

Location: 33 East 12th St.

This vibrant, whimsical mural brings a youthful energy to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Designed by Amanda Checco.

Lookin’ Good

Location: 33 East 12th St. (same parking lot as Ice Cream Daydream mural)

This colorful mural is located on the side of the Know Theatre of Cincinnati and is quite the charmer.

The Cincinnati Strongman: Henry Holtgrewe

Location: 1215 Vine St.

Designed by Jason Snell, this boldly designed art mural celebrates Henry Holtgrewe. Henry was a German immigrant who resided in Over-the-Rhine and was touted as being the world’s strongest man.

Faces of Homelessness

Location: 1225 Vine St.

This mural has a powerful message to bring awareness to the issues of housing and homelessness in Cincinnati and to break down stereotypes of who may experience homelessness. Created in partnership with Over-the-Rhine Community Housing, ArtWorks and Strategies to end Homelessness.

Mr. Dynamite

Location: 1437 Main St.

James Brown spent many years of his career on the Cincinnati-based King Records label where he produced his earliest hits. Mr. Brown was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and an outspoken advocate for civil rights and self-empowerment.

So what are you waiting for? Many more vibrant art murals are awaiting to be discovered throughout Cincinnati!

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