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8 Castles In Ohio That Are Photo-Worthy


Ohio is famous for its family-friendly attractions and luxury accommodations that come in handy, especially during holidays. Among the most rewarding yet underutilized tourist destinations are Ohio’s collection of gorgeous historical castles. These castles offer diverse, fun activities for families, individuals, and groups looking to experience a medieval-aged lifestyle. Photographers who love vintage-themed photos often include some of these castles in their galleries.

8 Squire’s Castle

Squire’s Castle is located in Willoughby Hills, Cleveland, in Northeast Ohio. Although it was once intended to be a gatehouse in the 1890s, the castle’s main building was never erected. The building had been badly vandalized over the ages, making it just another freely explored ruin. However, it became a landmark of the North Chagrin Reservation after its restoration, and it’s now open to the public for exploration. The castle is a bonny getaway for guests looking to take therapeutic walks down its trailhead. Photographers can go hiking around the North Chagrin reservation as they capture images of different bird species. Additionally, sports lovers can participate in a game of Golf at Manakiki Golf Course. Moreover, Squire’s Castle offers a serene environment ideal for picnics, outdoor parties, and weddings.

  • Location
    : 2844 River Rd, Willoughby Hills

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7 Love Land Castle

The iconic architectural work of the late Harry Delos Andrews was built to mimic a tenth-century French Norman castle. History buffs appreciate the arrow-proof windows and the castle’s thoughtfully designed winding staircases. It is adorned in classical battle armors, swords, and antique art pieces. In the winding castle chambers, guests go for imaginary ghostbusting escapades in its haunted rooms. The castle is a famous boy and girl scout destination that allows them to go on outdoor gardening adventures in the manmade forest. Furthermore, scouts can sleepover at the castle if they bring their own beddings and cook their own food. Love Land Castle also hosts small self-customized wedding ceremonies with about 50 to 70 guests.

  • Location:
    12025 Shore Drive, Loveland

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6 Tiedemann House

The gothic castle is commonly known as the Franklin Castle. This 19th-century four-story building has over twenty rooms with more than eighty windows. The castle is believed to be haunted since the better part of Tiedemann’s family died on the premises, making it a perfect Halloween destination for kids and adults. History enthusiasts and businessmen used to visit the castle back in the 90s for educational and holiday getaways. Although the castle is barely open to the public today, Cleveland Ghost Tours often holds guided expeditions of the house.

  • Location:
    4318 Franklin Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44113

5 Great Stone Castle

The castle is located on a two-acre piece of land in the countryside of Ohio. Originally, it was home to one of the richest men in Ohio, W.H.C Goode, in the 19th century. Mr. Goode designed the house to depict an English château in his home area. The castle holds thirty rooms, each embellished with the most expensive hardwood doors. The Great Stone Castle was constructed with an 18-inch-thick Indian stone wall, hence its name. Today, the attractive mansion offers amenities such as bed and breakfast accommodation, a body spa, and a ballroom. From the castle gates, one is able to capture a beautiful picture of the castle, its lawns, flower gardens, and the mansion altogether.

  • Location
    : 429 North Ohio Avenue

4 Hartman Rock Garden

This Medieval-style Castle dates to 1934 but gives away a more vintage vibe. The castle was built from broken stones scavenged from construction sites. Artists who visit the premises are left mesmerized by how artistic and natural its walls appear. In the Rock Garden, guests find imitations of the Independence Hall, the White House, and Mount Vernon built in the same materials and style as the castle. Colorful flower beds and potted plants outside the garden house bring the house to life. This garden house looks like a cottage in a Disney movie, except for the fact that it’s real! Photos of this house celebrate the hard work of the great artist and architect, Ben Hartman.

  • Location
    : 1905 Russell Ave, Springfield,

3 Brumback Library

The Brumback Library is built in a classical-style castle, based in a little hamlet in Northern Ohio. The original Brumback Library was built mostly of sandstone, from the foundation to its walls, and a colorful tile roof. Among its most notable features are a circular large corbeled tower with battlements, a smaller square tower, and a conspicuous main gateway. From 210 Lincoln Hwy Street, the entryway is in the center, the square tower to the left, and the round tower to the right. Collectively, these elements create a stunning appearance, making this library castle in Ohio a must-visit.

  • Location:
    215 W Main St, Van Wert, OH 45891, USA

2 Ravenwood Castle

This castle that presented the high-end lifestyle for kings and queens for centuries now does the same for couples and families looking to pamper themselves. The homely guesthouse has magnificent rooms whose decor reflects ancient fairy tales. The themed rooms go by iconic personalities’ names like The Dukes Dungeon, Queen Elizabeth Suite, Rapunzel’s Tower, and Queen Victoria’s suit, among other personalities. There are cottages like the Black Smith’s House and the Bakers Cottage in the front yard, easily spotted from the parking area.

  • Location
    : S65666 Bethel Rd, New Plymouth, OH 45654

1 Stan Hywett and Gardens (Akron)

This National historic landmark in Akron is among the state’s largest homes. It sits on a 70-acre piece of land that is used for horticultural farming. The exterior of the fort showcases beautiful vistas and pergolas made from creepers and flowering plants. There is a hexagonal-shaped swimming pool surrounded by well-tendered hedges and pot plants, providing a perfect photoshoot spot. Inside the Castle walls are 65 rooms adorned in Tudor antique art pieces that originated from the F. A. Seiberling family. The castle grounds host several orchards, botanical flower gardens, a vegetable greenhouse, and a well-tendered forest.

  • Location:
    714 N Portage Path, Akron, OH 44303, United States

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