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374.Whitney Austin–Dir./Co-Fdr-Whitney/Strong Org.-MoxieTalk


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Episode 374. Whitney Austin-Director & Co-Founder of the Whitney/Strong Organization
Interviewed 12-10-2021

ABOUT Whitney Austin-Director & Co-Founder of the Whitney/Strong Organization

The Whitney/Strong Organization is a non-profit focused on responsible gun ownership & ending gun violence by taking a non-partisan approach to legislation in Ohio, Kentucky & on the federal level by acting on data to implement educational opportunities & funding research to find science-based steps to reverse the pervasiveness of gun violence.

Impassioned after surviving a Sept. 6, 2018, mass shooting in Cincinnati, OH., Whitney cofounded Whitney/Strong with her husband, Waller.

Under her leadership, Whitney/Strong has executed a # of responsible gun ownership solutions, including securing the 1st hearing on gun safety legislation in Frankfort in over a decade & with a bipartisan coalition of KY. State Senators.

Joining Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to announce the STRONG Ohio legislation, responding to the community call of “Do Something” after the Dayton Oregon District shooting in 2019.

Distributing over 12,000-gun locks across KY. & OH. thanks to a partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics & the support of the National Shooting Sports Fdtn.

Before her calling, Whitney was employed by Fifth Third Bank for 15 years as VP, Digital Lending Product Mgr.

In 2018, Whitney & her team launched the 1st omnichannel digital lending application in the industry.

A wife & a mother of 2, Whitney earned both undergraduate & graduate degrees at the Univ. of Louisville.

She enjoys traveling to new locations with her family, musical theatre, college basketball, & getting outdoors.


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