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Top Operative in Hamas’ Bureij Battalion Neutralized

by Ohio Digital News

IDF forces are actively engaging in central Gaza to eliminate terrorists and dismantle terrorist infrastructure.

Using precise intelligence from the IDF and ISA, an IAF aircraft targeted and eliminated Saleh Jamil Muhammad Amad, a key figure in Hamas’ Bureij Battalion responsible for combat support. He was killed along with several other terrorist operatives located with him within Hamas’ infrastructure.

In another operation, IAF aircraft targeted and eliminated three Hamas “Nukhba” terrorists, some of whom were involved in the October 7 massacre.

Overnight, IDF artillery targeted a Hamas launch area containing rocket launchers aimed at southern Israel.

Throughout the past day, IAF fighter jets and aircraft struck additional Hamas targets across Gaza, including military structures, terrorist infrastructure, and weapons storage facilities. In one strike, an IAF fighter jet targeted a structure from which a sniper was threatening troops. In another strike, two terrorists operating near a launch post were eliminated.

Additionally, based on IDF intelligence, IAF aircraft struck and eliminated three Hamas terrorists in the Jabaliya area, including a Hamas deputy company commander, a tunnel operative, and a drone operator.

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