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Honor 200 and Honor 200 Pro European pricing leaks

by Ohio Digital News

The Honor 200 and Honor 200 Pro made their debut in China last month, and they are also getting a global launch in Paris on June 12. Ahead of that, their prices for European markets have been leaked, so let’s take a look.

The Honor 200 is said to go for €600 to €650, while the Honor 200 Pro will allegedly be priced at €750 to €800. In “select countries”, you will also be getting a free pair of Honor Choice open-ear TWS earbuds valued at €99 with your purchase, but it’s unclear which countries those are and whether this will be a limited-time launch offer or not.

So there’s plenty that we don’t know yet, but thankfully that will all be cleared up in a couple of days. As the phones are already official over in China, the specs aren’t a mystery. The duo have a lot in common, where they differ is the SoC (Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 in the 200, Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 in the 200 Pro), the Pro’s support for 66W wireless charging and its use of an additional depth sensor for the selfie camera, its higher-res and marginally bigger screen, and its IP55 rating for dust and water resistance. You can find our full comparison here.

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