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Does your device support Apple Intelligence?

by Ohio Digital News

Apple made a long-awaited AI announcement at WWDC Monday, introducing Apple Intelligence. The tech giant’s endeavor into generative AI has a huge focus on privacy, running on “private cloud compute” so that user data isn’t stored or made public to Apple.

Apple Intelligence doesn’t have an official release date, but will come in beta with the iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia updates this fall to select devices.

Devices that will support Apple Intelligence include:

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ipad screen with AI image creation

You’ll be able to create AI images and emoji with Apple Intelligence.
Credit: Screenshot: Apple

New AI features will enhance Siri and existing Apple tools across products. Apple Intelligence will be able to understand an individual user’s “personal context” — so you could ask Siri if you have lunch plans and it’ll crawl your messages and understand the language used to determine if you made lunch plans with someone, for example. This applies to language, images, and actions. You’ll also be able to receive notifications based on context, which could summarize messages you missed while the group chat was blowing up.

In addition to learning your context, Apple Intelligence will include features such as writing tools and enhancements, image generation with “Genmoji,” updates to Siri’s AI abilities, and ChatGPT integration.

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