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The Question: How Positive Was Ryan Garcia?

by Ohio Digital News

To answer a few questions about Ryan Garcia is complex. Then again the controversial 25-year old boxing sensation is never easy to understand. His antics, as I constantly say, do not paint a good portrait for the sport of boxing.

Then again, boxing is no longer a mainstream sport and needs positive direction rather than the negative. Garcia, for months prior to his championship fight against Devin Haney, was the enemy with antics on social media and questions revolved around his psychological behavior.

He failed to make weight at dethroning Haney and a portion of the junior welterweight title at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last month. Garcia would not win the title due to the technicality of being three pounds over the limit and knocking Haney down three times. So, a majority decision win for Garcia and he went home without the title.

He is a social media phenom with over one million followers. A constant feed for attention with messages of helping the children, beliefs on religion, wars of words with other fighters, and conspiracy theories.

Even attacking WWE superstar and social media phenom Logan Paul on social media. He has challenged Paul’s brother (Jake) who opposes Hall of Famer Mike Tyson July 20, an extravaganza and spectacle that does not leave boxing in good territory. The challenge to replace Tyson, who had a medical episode this week and may not be medically cleared to fight Paul, is a daunting one. 

Despite all the antics and social media attention, I have nothing against Garcia as a fighter. He is talented and when you talk to him there is that boxing mentality of a champion, though without a title Garcia will never be considered one of the greatest in this new era of alphabet soup titles designated with sanctioning organizations.

Boxing can be brutal in the ring and out with the politics. Garcia makes it more difficult to understand the logistics and constantly creates a dark eye for a sport that is trying to revive from the past eras of great champions. He can be detrimental to the sport as I constantly have written and said.

And then there is this mystique and question of Garcia using a banned substance prior to the fight against Haney, as determined twice the day before and after his win over Haney. The investigation is ongoing with the New York State Athletic Commission after testing results from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that sanctioning bodies use to test fighters.

The allegation is the banned substance Ostarine, though I am not a medical authority and have no conception what this does, enhancing the body or giving extra strength to a fighter or athlete. Though, WADA is reputable and until further notice that is my opinion.

Garcia has denied the allegations and claims to be a victim of supplement contamination. A final report is due in a matter of days, his win over Haney could be overturned. Garcia could be faced with severe fines and suspensions, the win over Haney could be a loss, though all of that would be subject to appeal. On social media his conspiracy theories about the substance require a psychological evaluation.

All along this process, despite the antics and psychological questions whether it be an act for attention or social media hype, I will grant Garcia that due process of having a right to appeal. I also question the WADA determination and findings. More so, I question the NYSAC with their strict medical protocols and policies of testing fighters of combat sports in their jurisdiction.

Two points that need to be answered.

– Garcia tests positive prior to the fight with Haney

– Garcia tests positive after the fight with Haney

Yet question number one, with the strict medical protocols and testing, and if Garcia was using a banned substance prior, why was he cleared to fight? Answer? NYSAC has not been available to comment when reached. My point here, the fight was anticipated. Lots of hype and a good gate with pay-per-view revenue at stake.

Canceling the fight for the promoters (Golden Boy and Matchroom) would be a losing proposition. The NYSAC does not want to lose revenue, a postponement would kill the hype and anticipation. When do we do this again? Sanctioning organizations have mandatory opponents waiting in line for the titles.

I have theories. And despite Ryan Garcia looking here as the bad guy I can’t see him putting everything on the line and damaging a career that is surrounded with controversy. I question those logistics of the NYSAC. Regardless, there are questions to be answered and a return bout with Garcia and Haney is not the discussion.

This is about the sport of boxing. It’s about the lifestyle of Ryan Garcia, not shy of bragging of his wealth and enough to retire from the sport he always loved. His legacy, though to be determined because of a supposed use of a banned substance. But the Garcia antics are a continuing legacy of controversy and implications of testing positive.

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