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The Pros and Cons of Recessed vs. Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinets

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When it comes to selecting a medicine cabinet for your bathroom, you’re typically faced with two choices: recessed or surface-mounted. Each style offers distinct advantages and limitations, which are crucial to understand before making your decision. This article delves into the pros and cons of both recessed and surface-mounted medicine cabinets to aid you in making a well-informed choice for your bathroom.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Recessed medicine cabinets are integrated into the wall, leaving only the cabinet’s front visible. This installation is common during a bathroom renovation or new construction due to the need for a wall cutout. Here are the benefits and drawbacks:


  • Space-Saving Design: A major advantage is their ability to conserve space. Since they’re embedded into the wall, they don’t protrude into the bathroom, making them ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Sleek and Minimalist Appearance: Recessed cabinets offer a clean, streamlined look that can contribute to a modern bathroom aesthetic.
  • Customizable Storage: You can tailor a recessed cabinet to your needs, choosing the number and size of shelves, and incorporating extras like built-in lighting or electrical outlets.


  • Professional Installation Required: Installation involves cutting into the wall, necessitating professional services, which can increase the overall expense.
  • Limited Placement Options: Placement is restricted by structural elements like wall studs, plumbing, or electrical wiring.
  • Challenging to Modify: Once installed, recessed cabinets are difficult to replace or remove, as this again involves significant wall alterations.

Surface-Mounted Medicine Cabinets

Surface-mounted medicine cabinets attach directly onto the wall, making the entire cabinet visible. They are generally easier to install and modify. Here are their pros and cons:


  • Ease of Installation: These cabinets can be mounted with simple tools and do not require cutting into the wall, making them a feasible DIY project.
  • Flexible Placement: Without the constraints of in-wall installation, these cabinets can be placed almost anywhere on your bathroom walls.
  • Simplicity in Modification: Surface-mounted cabinets can be easily replaced or removed, offering flexibility in bathroom design.


  • Space Consumption: They extend out from the wall, which can be intrusive in smaller bathrooms.
  • Less Streamlined Design: The protrusion from the wall can interrupt a minimalist decor scheme.
  • Limited Customization: Typically, these come in standard sizes with fewer options for advanced features like integrated lighting or outlets.

Choosing the Right Type for Your Bathroom

Your choice between recessed and surface-mounted medicine cabinets should consider several factors:

  • Bathroom Size: In smaller bathrooms, a recessed cabinet might be preferable to conserve space, whereas in larger bathrooms, a surface-mounted cabinet might enhance the wall visually without space constraints.
  • Storage Requirements: Consider the volume and type of items you need to store. Recessed cabinets often offer more customization for extensive storage needs.
  • Budget Constraints: If budget is a concern, surface-mounted cabinets are generally less expensive due to easier installation and lack of need for professional help.

Wellfor: Tailoring to Every Preference

In the debate of recessed versus surface-mounted medicine cabinets, Wellfor stands out by offering extensive options for both configurations. Whether you are drawn to the sleek integration of recessed models or the installation ease and versatility of surface-mounted units, Wellfor provides choices that do not compromise on style, functionality, or quality. Explore Wellfor’s diverse range to find the perfect match that not only enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics but also aligns with your lifestyle and budget.


Both recessed and surface-mounted medicine cabinets present unique benefits and drawbacks. Your decision should be informed by considerations of space, storage needs, aesthetic preference, and budget. Regardless of your choice, incorporating a medicine cabinet can significantly enhance both the functionality and style of your bathroom.

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