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‘Apple Pencil Pro’ tipped for Apple May 7 event: 3 new features it could have

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Could an Apple Pencil Pro be on the way? Apple has teased that a new Apple Pencil is on the way, as we can see in the promo image on the Apple Events page.

However, what we weren’t expecting is a “pro” variant of the iPad stylus. As spotted by X user @ribu_ap712, code on Apple’s Japan-based website hints that a brand-spankin’ new Apple Pencil Pro could be revealed at the May 7 Apple livestream event.

Apple Pencil Pro: 3 possible new features

Confirmed by Mashable, the Japan-based website does, indeed, mention Apple Pencil Pro in a code that yields an interactive animation on the front end.

Here is, in part, a translation of the text:

Mashable Light Speed

Folds of green, yellow, orange, and blue paper are bent to form the Apple logo. Inside the logo, you can see the hand of a creator holding an Apple Pencil Pro, attempting to draw. From the tip of the Apple Pencil Pro pressed against the bottom of the logo, lively splashes of orange and pink burst forth, creating vivid waves upwards.

Although the rumor mill, until now, hasn’t said anything about a “Pro” variant being released on May 7, we still have some scuttlebutt about the new features that the new iPad stylus will offer.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, an Apple prognosticator with a decent track record, the latest Apple Pencil will have haptic feedback “for the first time.”

As 9to5Mac pointed out, there were multiple instances in the iPadOS 17.5 beta code that reference something called a “squeeze gesture,” hinting that users may be able to trigger certain functions by pinching the stylus.

And according to another leak from bean spiller Majin Bu on X, the next Apple Pencil may have interchangeable magnetic tips.

It’s unclear, though, whether these features are for the rumored Apple Pencil Pro or another Apple Pencil tier.

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