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Apple Maps may soon customize directions based on your car type

by Ohio Digital News

Apple Maps has been operating in the shadow of its largest competitor, Google Maps, since it launched over a decade ago. However, Apple has taken steps to enhance its mapping and directions app, resulting in some users actually preferring Apple Maps now.

Still, as new rules and regulations like the Digital Markets Act in the EU are instated, companies like Apple will really need to up the ante in order to compete.

Apple’s latest patent filing, first spotted by Wccftech, shows the most recent example of the company looking to innovate with Apple Maps.

The Apple Maps experience may become more customized

According to the patent filing, Apple is looking to provide users with extremely specific, customized routes in Apple Maps based on the user’s vehicle and engine profile. The feature would be specific to those using Apple Maps via CarPlay.

Apple Maps patent

Credit: Wccftech / Apple

With this utility, Apple Maps would provide users with driving directions based on their fuel level. For example, the route could make a stop at a gas station based on how much gas is in the car tank. If a user is driving an electric vehicle, the directions could be customized based on how many miles the EV can go before the car battery needs a charge — and Apple Maps would make sure that the route includes a charging station along the way.

In addition, the patent filing also details a feature that could provide directions based on a car’s license plate. The Apple Maps directions will only give drivers directions based on where their vehicle can go based on those details. For example, a truck wouldn’t be given directions that include a route that doesn’t allow vehicles of a certain weight.

This latest feature potentially making its way to Apple Maps joins another recently reported, upcoming feature that would allow users to create their own custom routes.

Apple is clearly striving to expand Apple Maps’ user base over Google Maps and establish it as the default mapping and direction app – driven not by system preferences, but by user choice.

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