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Hamas terrorists open fire from within Al-Shifa Hospital.

by Ohio Digital News

Hamas terrorists engaged IDF soldiers from within the emergency room unit of the al-Shifa Hospital, as announced by the IDF on Thursday.

This firefight occurred amidst ongoing operational activities in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital. Soldiers from the 401st Brigade, Nahal Brigade, and Navy Seal Unit Shayetet 13 successfully neutralized the terrorists while prioritizing the safety of civilians, patients, medical teams, and hospital equipment.

During the clashes, IDF troops facilitated the evacuation of civilians, patients, and medical personnel to alternative medical facilities established by the IDF in the area, ensuring uninterrupted medical care.

Since the commencement of operations in al-Shifa Hospital, approximately 200 terrorists have been eliminated in the surrounding area, with hundreds more arrested.

Additionally, soldiers from the Commando Brigade targeted terrorist infrastructures housing weapons in the Al-Amal and Al-Qarara regions. The troops also discovered explosive devices and mortar shells during their operation.

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