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Israeli forces arrest wanted individuals throughout the West Bank.

by Ohio Digital News

Overnight, IDF, Shin Bet, and Border Police personnel arrested 14 wanted individuals throughout the West Bank, according to an IDF report on Monday.

Simultaneously, in the Jordan Valley region, the brigade conducted operations in Dheisha, Etzion, interrogating numerous suspects. Working with the Metzada Unit of the Israel Prison Service (IPS), two wanted individuals were apprehended during the counter-terrorism operation in Dheisha, with several suspects questioned.

IDF soldiers uncovered weapons in Beita and Huwara. Additionally, three wanted individuals suspected of inciting terrorism were arrested in Beitunya and al-Bireh in Benjamin.

The arrested individuals and seized weapons were transferred for further inspection by security forces. No IDF casualties were reported in these operations.

Earlier on Thursday, the Shin Bet apprehended 14 wanted individuals across the West Bank, while the IDF detained four suspects at the Tzofim checkpoint after discovering a bomb in their vehicle.

Furthermore, in the villages of Arraba in Northern Israel and Tulkarm in the West Bank, five wanted individuals were arrested on Thursday. All arrested individuals had their weapons confiscated, and no IDF soldiers were injured.

Since the onset of the conflict, approximately 3,500 wanted individuals have been arrested throughout the West Bank by the Jordan Valley region brigade, with over 1,500 of them affiliated with Hamas.

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