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IDF strikes over 4,500 Hezbollah targets in Lebanon and Syria.

by Ohio Digital News

The IDF announced on Tuesday that it has conducted approximately 4,500 attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon and Syria since the beginning of the war.

These attacks have resulted in the deaths of over 300 Hezbollah terrorists and the injuries of more than 750 others. Most of the attacks targeted Hezbollah’s weapons and assets, including nearly all of its border lookout posts. The IDF reported destroying 150 lookout posts, suggesting that its operations have penetrated deeper into Lebanon.

Additionally, around 90% of the approximately 6,000 Radwan forces that Hezbollah deployed in southern Lebanon around October 7 have been eliminated. The IDF also destroyed approximately 50 platforms for more powerful rockets and around 70 sub-command centers.

The sources of the attacks include over 3,100 carried out by the IDF’s artillery and tank units, and over 1,200 conducted by the air force, including fighter jets, drones, and helicopters. A graphic showed numerous yellow circles along the Israel-Lebanon border, indicating the spots where the IDF targeted within Lebanon.

In addition to general targets, the IDF has eliminated five senior Hezbollah commanders and attacked numerous cells preparing to launch rockets or anti-tank missiles at Israel.

The IDF continues to work on clearing out remaining Hezbollah Radwan forces from southern Lebanon and eliminating parts of its military leadership. It expressed its commitment to establishing a new level of security and stability in the North despite challenges faced by northern resident evacuees, who now number over 50,000, down from 80,000.

While the IDF did not provide an update on Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel, past estimates suggest that Hezbollah has likely attacked Israel close to 5,000 times. However, the number of Israeli casualties from these attacks remains relatively low, as many Israelis evacuated from the northern border in October.

IDF Northern Command Chief Maj. Gen. Uri Gordon stated that the IDF’s ongoing attack operations against Hezbollah consistently yield significant results against the organization.

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